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Client Software

Once you set up your account and download your free software to access the worlds.

When entering for the first time or when you are downloading new artwork, you will encounter gray "objects" or "areas." Colorful artwork is downloading in the background. You may fully access the world while the art is being updated.

Please read the information below regarding system requirements and follow the links to the appropriate download page for your system. If you have difficulties installing and/or running the software check the FAQs pages listed on the sidebar to see if your problem is listed there.

Follow the links to the appropriate download page for your system. If you have difficulties installing or running the software check the FAQ pages listed on the sidebar to see if your problem is listed there.

The VZones forums are the first place to visit if you have questions that are not addressed on these pages. To access the Technical Help forum you do not need to be registered (but it's a great idea to register - it's free and has lots of information about things going on inworld). There is a great deal of information already posted in the Technical Help forum so if you are having a problem, you may be able to find the answer there. (If your particularissues aren't addressed you can post questions. You dont need to say this here, just post it on the appropriate page.)

For additional support and information about the worlds go to VZones forums. Its free and you dont need to be registered to access it.

If you cannot get an answer to your question in the forum please contact support. For Macintosh specific questions please fill out the Macintosh Support Form. For Windows specific questions please fill out the Windows Support Form. If you have problems using the forms or have a question regarding your account, you can email support at Please allow 24-48 hours for support to respond to your question.

VZones Profanity Filter

newHorizone and Dreamscape are considered PG-13 worlds. As such, you may occassionally see some strong language. (Excessive use of profanity is not allowed.) Please see the Terms of Service for an explanation of what the guidelines are. If you wish to totally block profanity, you will need to install the Profanity Filter.

The plug-in is simple and self-installs. However, in order to remove it you need to redownload and reinstall the client software. This means that if you decide to add the Profanity Filter, your kids will not be able to simply "switch it off".

If you do want to remove the filter and need to reinstall the client, you should first back up your graphics. If you do not, you will need to redownload them when you login again. The Techinical FAQs page has instructions for backing up your graphics - scroll to the bottom of the page for the instructions.

Download the Profanity Filter.

To install the filter:

Close any VZones windows you may have open.
Click the link above and save the file to your desktop
After the file has downloaded, double-click the installer.

After the plug-in has been installed, it should automatically start working.

Notes: The filter will not filter your own speech in your client, nor will it filter ESPs. The Profanity Filter is only available for the Windows version of the VZones client.

If you have questions or problems, please visit the VZones Help Desk forum to see if your question has been answered there. If not, please contact support by sending an email to Please allow 24-48 hours for support to respond to your question.

VZones Media Control Panel

The Media Control Panel is a utility that partners with the VZones Client software in order to add to your interactive and creative experience. If at any time you experience difficulties or have a problem, please contact support at

Please note: The Media Control Panel only works with the Windows version of the VZones client.

Download Installer

Before installing the Media Control Panel, you should backup your graphics. If you don't back them up, you'll have to download them again when you login. To backup your graphics see the Technical FAQs page.

Download Installer (Client, Launcher, Latest Media Player)

To support the radio feature you will need to have a media player installed:
Media Player Classic (Recommended)

Using The Media Control Panel

Hint: If you open your Media Control Panel, and drag it to the bottom of your VZones Client, it should grab on, and "Dock" to the bottom. This is a handy feature for ease of use.

Media Control Panel

The following sections will explain each button in detail.


VZVoiceThe VZVoice feature that is built into the Media Control Panel allows you and another member to communicate together via voice chat. The use of this tool requires a microphone and speakers, the microphone will allow you to talk to the other member, and the speakers will allow you to hear what the other member is saying.

To begin, enter your VZones username and password. Your password is not shared with any other member, and this information is sent between your computer, and the VZones server. It is safe to enter your login information here.

Once you have entered your login information, Choose your avatar name and press the “Register Avatar” button. The Rx (Receive) and Tx (Transmit) lights should start flashing between green and red. This means information is being sent and received.

Enter the avatar name of the person you are going to chat with in the conversation box in the lower left hand section of the window. Make sure your friend does the same, entering your avatar name on his or her screen.

Press the start button to begin chatting. You are now connected to your friend, and can begin talking and listening.

The volume bars are used to control the volume of your microphone and the speakers. Use these to adjust the volume if it is too loud, your friend complains they cannot hear you.

The status buttons located center right of the dialog box are planned to be used in future “conference” versions of the software. If you check them now, they should display a message conveying either to your friends who try to connect to you.

If you wish to end a conversation, simply press the “End” button. If you wish to not have anyone connect to you anymore, press the “UnRegister” button to disconnect yourself from the VZVoice server.


For information on newHorizone and Dreamscape radio programming, Please visit HandsomeDJ's KVZN/KYMR page at

VZ Recorder

VZRecorderThe VZ Recorder tool has been created to allow any VZones user, no matter how novice, to create their own audio files. Whether those be vocal, or audio, or just plain sound is up to the creative mind of the user.

To Record A Sound:

Press the VZrecorder button on your Media Control Panel. The recording tool will pop up on your screen, and minimize the control panel. Please note: To record a sound, you will need a microphone; some webcams have microphones built in, if yours does, it will work properly just as a standalone microphone would.

To select which device to use as a microphone (if there is more than one), press the “Select Device” button, and choose your microphone. You can select any device you want to use by placing a check mark in the "Select" box in the devices you wish to record from. You can view all devices by using the "Options" menu at the top of the "Select Device" window. These selections will be saved for the next time you open the player.

To begin recording, press the “Record” button. The slide bar will move to the end and this signals that recording has begun. Use whatever you wish you record your sound and when you are complete press the “Stop” button.

To listen to your recording press the “Play” button.

To save your recording for your own use, or to share in the VZones, press the “Save” button, give your recording a name, and save it somewhere that you will be able to easily access it.


VZ PlayerThis is a media player that has been streamlined with the VZones client to provide instant access to the users entire music collection.

To begin using the media player, click the VZmp3 button on the VZ Media Control Panel. The Control Panel will minimize, and the player will appear on your screen. You have several different options, and depending on your preferences you can choose any one to listen to music, and interact within a VZone at the same time.

To Play A Song:

1. Click the “Open” button.

2. Use the dialog window to browse to the song you want to play. When you have found it, select it, and click “Open”.

3. The song title will appear at the bottom of the player indicating it has been loaded. To hear the song play, simply click the “Play” button.

4. You can adjust the volume of the song with the volume bar, or check the box labeled “Repeat” to have the song continue to play when it is complete. The “Rewind” button will start the song over. To choose a different song to play simply click the “Open” button and start over again.

Creating a playlistTo Create A Play List:

Click the “PL” button on the left side of the Media Player. A window will fade down allowing you several options to create a customized play list. This feature is great for listeners who like to hear music uninterrupted while interacting within Datylus.

If you are currently playing a song, it will automatically be shown in the play list. You can use the buttons at the bottom of the play list to control your play list, including add, delete, clear, play, skip, ETC.

To load a single song, click the “Add” button and select the song. To load an entire directory of music, click the “Directory” button and select the directory you want to load the music from.

You can sort or reorder your play list. Click the “S” button will sort it, and clicking the “R” will randomize it.

The arrow buttons on the right side of the play list window are used to move highlighted songs on the list. To customize song play order, use these arrows.

To save your play list for your next use, click the “Save” button and name your play list. Make sure you save the list somewhere where you will be able to easily load it again. You can do this by clicking the “Load” button.


Clicking the Help button will take you to a page with explanations for the various buttons. The same information is on this page.


When you click the VZones button the Media player automatically detects any VZones client you have installed and opens it so that you can enter.


About box


System Requirements

  • Operating System:  Windows 3.11/95/98/2000/ME/XP/Vista
    Windows NT 3.51/4.0 
  • CPU:  Required: 486-33 MHz Suggested: Pentium
  • An active internet connection and email address
  • VZones is a 32-bit application and will run as-is on Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/NT/Vista. To run 32 bit applications on earlier Windows versions you must install the Win32s DLLs.
  • Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer 3.0 or later, Netscape Navigator 2.0 or later, Firefox

The Windows Download page has the file to download plus installation instructions and instructions to get you up and running.


The Macintosh VZones software is a Classic Application. Your computer must have the ability to run Mac OS 8 or 9 (either natively or in Classic mode)

Note for users of Intel Macs or any Mac running Leopard (OS 10.5 and above):
Classic (Mac OS9) is not supported on Intel Macs or in Leopard. If you are on an Intel Mac or running Leopard you must be able to run Windows and download and install the Windows client. Intel Macs can use Boot Camp or Parallels to run Windows. G4 and G5 Macs running Leopard can use VirtualPC to run Windows.

System Requierments

  • Operating System: OS 8 through OS 9.2.2 or OS X up to and including Tiger (OS 10.4) running Classic
    CPU: Power PC, G3, G4, G5 (Intel Macs cannot run the Mac version of the software)
  • An active internet connection and email address
  • At least 8 Megs of RAM
  • At least 18 Megs of Hard Drive space available

Supported Browsers:

  • OS 8 - OS 9.2.2: Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator (iCab and WaMCom (Mozilla) have been reported to work)
  • OS X running Classic: Firefox, Safari

The Macintosh OS9 Download page has the file to download plus installation instructions as well as instructions to get up and running.




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