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By pyewackt
Any host who is currently on the Game Schedule may host an event. We will do up to 2 member hosted events a month.

1. The event must have a legitimate theme. (You can’t have a Pepto Bismol event just because you want pink prizes <g>)
2. The event will take place on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday).
3. The event host is responsible for recruiting game hosts. Hosts who have games on the Game Schedule have priority for their normal time/locale.
4. The event host will meet with Pyewacket to determine prizes/paint codes for the event. Prizes must be existing art that is not AW.
5. We will create an Event Schedule for you on the VZones website.

If you are interested in hosting an event please send an email to Make sure you include the following in your email:

Your avatar name
Three potential dates
A description of your theme.

You also must send the email from the same email address you use for VZones.

Let’s have some member hosted fun :)