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By Dia
I am posting for Carly.
Turf: Christmas Dreams in TST
Decorated by: Carly
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By nodnarb
Turf (in TST): How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Decorator: Nodnarb
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By SifuJJ
SifuJJ and Veni's entry into the condo exterior contest. 147 & 148 Lakeside Blvd. So much more we wanted to do...
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By SifuJJ
This message is for Andy...

Your small staff worked very, very hard on the Christmas that was provided to us.

However, due to time constraints, many of the items didn't arrive until the Christmas week itself, which to my knowledge is the latest they've ever been presented. They did a fine job, and that is not my issue.

With the items arriving as late as they did, it made it very difficult for those who wished to enter the contest to decorate in a manner that allowed them to show off their individual and collective talents.

I was fortunate enough to catch Pyewacket prior to the close of the contest to glue some items for me. While there was not time to glue all the decorations that day, I did manage to get something up. My multiple efforts to reach staff to complete the deco since then have returned to me with "Sorry, but that avatar is not inworld at this time."

I do work 40 hours per week, but I also am aware that ALL of your staff members with the exception of David are in the Eastern Time Zone. I have tried messaging several times between 12-3am VZones time to obtain some assistance to no avail.

I understand that each of these staff members most likely have families they have spent time with over the Christmas holiday, and rightfully so.

My question is "Would you consider extending the deadline to NewYear'sEve 2019 so that more participation occurs?"

Thanks for listening.

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By Mel
Thanks for the contest! I got 3rd! Woohoo!! Rodeo.. no rush, but do we contact you for prizes or? :)