After many hours of deliberation.
Our Judges have finally come up with our winners!

Front Room Winners are...
1st - TayKam
2nd - Heartbeat
3rd - Dia

Kitchen Winners are...
1st - Laesea
2nd - Essence
3rd - Tangerine

Bedroom Winners are...
1st - Racquel
2nd - Lil Bit
3rd - Golden Brat/LambChop

And last but not least.
Garden Winners are..
1st - Sly's Garden
2nd - Cou's Garden
3rd - TigerLily

Thank you so much everyone for all your beautiful submissions!
To collect your prizes contact Chime in world!

Hugs & Thank you all :D
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By Dia

And way to go Winners!! I loved seeing everyone’s rooms.
That must have been SO difficult to judge! Everyone's work is SO good! I loved seeing all the pictures! And now our condos are all decorated up nicely! Woot! Thanks for a fun contest. Hugs, Tigs
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WTG all winners. As Tigerlily said, it must have been very difficult to judge. Was really great to see all the entries also the many wonderful ideas that everyone had. This was the first turf I have decorated and must admit once I got into it thoroughly enjoyed it. Great way to get people to furnish their turfs. Thankyou Chime and VZone staff for a most enjoyable time.