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By MWBond77777

I would love to purchase a full membership to VZones some time soon if possible. However I have not found any place that tells what the minimun requirements are for running the Zone on a Desktop Computer.

Also I am not even sure the Zone is even meant to run on a Standard Computer these days. I have heard that it is now restricted to Smart Phones only.

Thank you for your help,
By Giapet
I can use my old XP, WIN 7 computers with this program. It likes my new WIN 10. When its available again, I use the mobile program with my old cell phone and Samsung tablets. I can also get in on my Amazon Fire tablet. I don't need to download anything to my phones and tablets to get in the world.

By Giapet
Since when is our world only working on WIN 10
I have answered this person 2 times and the message is never approved to be put in the forum. I suppose this one wont be either.
The client program works on my XP, WIN 7 , VISTA, and WIN 10 computers and laptops. I can use mobile chat with my old cell Phone, Samsung tablet, and Amazon Fire tablets.
By Giapet
I use the world on multiple platforms. It can be used with WIN XP, Vista, 7 and 10. It can also be used with Linux. I dont think it can be used with a MAC. but I stand corrected.
Welcome to our world!