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By HeartBeat
Greetings Andy :-) I tried leaving you esp mail, although not accepting. Is there a preferred method for contacting you?
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By Havana
Andy I tried to ESP mail you but your mailbox is not accepting ESP's :'(
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By Havana
Cosmic Andy (Staff) wrote:
Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:44 pm
Just need to catch me IW. I'll be around today after 8 PM WA.
I just ESP'd you Andy and I see you are IW...not being pushy but just got out of the hospital and need to lay down.
By kbschwartz61
Hi Andy

Sorry for taking so long to reply to this
I tried sending you an esp message but it says you are not accepting esp mail.

My name iw is Beverley
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By Mel
Andy, I dont have any nh turfs, but Amaltheavampyre wanted someone to post this for her since she cant leave esp mail or get in the forum:

I can not log into the forum to post . I seen this before Christmas. I tried sending esp message but it says not accepting esp mail. If someone could post for me to him in the forum I would be very thankful. Lots of love to you all
- amaltheavampyre
By kbschwartz61
Hi Andy

Ive been frantically trying to contact you over the past 6 days with no luck.
Im on Aussie time so seem to keep missing you

Is there any other way I can make contact?
By missa1972
Hi Andy,
I've been a bit busy RW and was just informed of this message being in forums. I'm not inworld a lot at the same time as you. I am on EST and will be IW this weekend some. Please let me know when I can contact you regarding my turfs/items.
Missa :)