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By PetMePlease727
Its almost a year since I joined as a VIP.. I understand all businesses have issues but I feel like Im chasing my tail here... THE RENTS IN MY 2 TURFS are being paid monthly by ME!!.. I am not getting Free Rent.. In the past I have done as told... 1. Submit a Tix.. 2. Wait for a reply 3. A few months later do the same shit …
What happened to all the town meetings and how WE the customers would have some say with ideas in here? Not to mention bank interest, VIP Vouchers and Tokens...

Can we get some responses her?
Thank U in advance
PetMe's Banker.. Debbie Dalton
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By PetMePlease727
I have submitted tickets.. and now U respond by telling me to submit a ticket? I just did .. Please contact me on getting this rent situation sorted