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Prize Schedule will be as follows:
Week 1 (1-6) Amusing Amethyst & Arctic Brooks
Week 2 (7-12) Autumn Silas & Blushing Moonstone
Week 3 (13-18) Daffodil Dilly & Glistening Glacier
Week 4 (19-24) Lyrical Lapis & Phthalo
Week 5 (25-30) Rockin Rhodium & Slithering Serpentine

Main Prizes are Hares & Goodie Baskets(C)
Door prizes are Bonnets & Egg Necklaces

In addition to these prizes, catch the Pans on the streets to see if they are doing our mini street game.
They will flip a coin for you and if it lands on a smile, you win the main prize for April, " I Love Amusing!" bear.
If the coins lands on a frown, you win the door prize for April, "I won Amusing's Heart!".
Each month will be a different Brothers color!
april pan prizes 2021.jpg
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