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By roystonja
VIP Pickup... limited hours, hard for some of us to get there... why can't we do this via the VZones mail system? ESPMail what we want and have it sent to us via the amazing mail system?

And we really expect to get new items each month not the same boring things!!!!

Thank you.
By Devra

Has anyone looked at the hours overall in the month they are open ? It is unreal, for the number of VIP members there are... and many hours there is noOne asking for something. The only reason someone could not pick up something would be pure laziness.... ie. wanting everything on their time; not the times provided. And pray tell, what is *New* AW - not boring old things? Let's use all the art up again in 2 years & then there will be nothing left - just like in the past... *SMFH*