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By Giapet
Dear Andy,
I sent a ticket last week about the issue that the mobile chat Security Certificate is expired. I cannot get in on my phone or tablet. I cannot get in through the web on my computer. Firefox and Google chrome puts up a warning page.
How long does it take to update the Security Certificate and why didn't you answer me?I cant always use the Client. I was sick and locked out of the World. Please answer Giapet.
By wa_quax
#7517 are not alone, Giapet ... I raised also a ticket ...

This is only a security issue... so why should an admin care about that.... only, because we pay for the service?

Of course you may overwrite the certificate issue ... but this is really not the way it should be done... and there is really no reason given, why this issues is NOT fixed after one week...

This is not only funny or lazy like server time out of sync.. wrong Time Offset in game schedules.... this is simple unprofessional.. I really wonder, how professional the rest of the team is ....

Andy told us WA is under hacker attack... nice to see, that even an update of an certificate seems to be a big tasked... hope they track the basic updates much better... I see only the certificate issue but this is total fail.

not very amused


By wa_quax
I can confirm, that today it is the day after tomorrow... but I still get the old expired certificate ... verwendet ein ungültiges Sicherheitszertifikat.
Das Zertifikat ist am 24. Mai 2019, 01:59 abgelaufen. Die aktuelle Zeit ist 5. Juni 2019, 06:47.

Guess this needs no in deep translation... certificate expired on24. May 2019 01:59 ... actual Time is 5.June 209 06:47 (UTC +2 ... so only 1 hour later than WA Time...)

Looks like the plan to fix it on Jul 4 in the morning fails? ...

By Giapet
Cosmic Andy (Staff) wrote:
Mon Jun 03, 2019 2:01 pm
I've replied to your support ticket this morning and confirmed it will be working again tomorrow.
How much money and time does it take to do it? I sent in my Yearly VIP subscription fee. That should more than cover it.
Some members don't even know how cool it is to get into Vzones on their phone and tablets. I love it. I can't play all the games but I can play the ones that don't require a card program. And if i just want to leave my avi in for tokens, its better than using my desktop.
By wa_quax
@ Giapet:

You can get certificates for free… (for examble from Let‘s encrypt) but also from comercial compannies .. (I just check one the offers a new certificate for for 22,61 Euro per Year…for a single Side.. delivery in 5..10 min... SSL_Trust… just a random google search result to get a number.. you may check also your certificate at this page…)

So guess this schould not be a low on budget problem…

Of course it needs some hours to install a new cerificate (if you have to google the howto..) ..but hours are not weeks…. This is basic admin work .. some clever pro guys may use scripts .. turn it into a 15 min task..

And yes.. if you doing more than one side… this may take more time .. even to get a certificate will take much longer.. ( up to 15 days…) but the WA chat side is no national bank ;)

And Andy told us .. it will be a 24h fix.. ;) ….

On 23, May Andy wrote:

Two more exciting things I've been working on including collecting just over 4500 contact details of past members to contact & in the process of securing funding to build a complete new mobile/app version which when secured wouldn't be completed until 2020. Voice addon is also being developed as plugin option.

Source : viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2613&p=7345#p7336

Ok… so mobile App seems to be still on schedule … but I never ever will fund a project that is not able to maintain a running server … this is really the worst way to promote your ideas ….

And worst.. the Free Chat area is also down… and this is the first contact a new user will have... even if is is lucky enough to get an free account… next step is a disaster without a clean certificate.. Can I trust Vzone? … Will I send them my personal details? Send them money?

This is like a business card with the title ‘fastest to wall goer in town – trust me, you will lose all your money‘ on it.. in RED BIG LETTERS…

We all know.. WA is not that bad.. but there is no second chance for the first impression… and with no certificate all turns from.. ‘well… not great…’ to a real ‘NO GO…’ that is nothing less than a PR worst case..

This is nothing to solve soon… it is a real time top priority to fix issue… wake up, Andy.. or you (and we) will lose our dreamscape again… too soon..

By wa_quax
Congrats to whom it concerns.. ... on 11. June the certificate is renewed... and working..

It took only 17 days to fix it... so we have a solid base to improve service and communication soon...