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By julie.sine
alrighty then...…… does one get a vzones credit card? is that where the 10,000 tokens a month goes into or does it go into the ATM?.....ty for a reply!
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By roystonja
The Credit Card is supposed to have the balance of the tokens removed from you avatar's ATM and pocket and is usable only for special sale items when they come up... It should have been in the package given o your avatar when they checked in at the Staff Zone just down then up from the Community Center.

That being said, I have yet to get an answer on if every avatar gets one that had tokens removed before we went live. I had a two avatar account and one of my avatars had the balance on a credit car waiting for him. The other did not even though it was about the same amount taken. And said to check inworld, in world says to email support, support says to check in world...

Hopefully you have better luck when you check inworld.
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By David (Staff) OLD
Every avatar is different and not all avatars needed one. IW staff are able to tell you based on your avatar name what value you should have on your card.