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By sinara.singerline
Hi Andy and Team,
'I respectfully suggest that you put a lot more focus on the Customer Experience.
Before someone even gets inworld their experience should be easy, inviting, welcoming, exciting, inspiring.
For someone like me who was a Guide way back in the day and fell in love with VZones in the 90's, I was so excited to come back and revisit after about 8-10 years.

It saddens me that the experience of the past month has been so frustrating and after so many emails at least 15, I still can not even log in.

Having said that, I'd like to offer my 15+ years experience as a Program Manager, Customer Service Manager, Tech Support Manager, Project Manager and gaming enthusiast, to assist you in turning the customer experience around.
I'm not saying that your team isn't trying but I can tell you what exists today is not helping you build a community. I think I can quickly dig in and figure out and remove the blockers for fast positive improvements.

If you are interested, I'd love the opportunity to help. Why? Because I have had such a great love affair with Vzones and I'm still friends in the RW with people I met inworld so many years ago. I know the potential, I know how it works, I lived it. I created locales, I created Newsletter articles, I created many Quests, I hosted lots of games, I was part of groups that helped welcome Newcomers and I lead a formal group called The Sprites back in the day. All for for the love of it.

I would be happy to help you grow it.
Let me lead some efforts that I know will be of value.
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By Joe
100% agree, I just signed up yesterday after being away 10 years or so, I don’t have access to login, reading the forums I am seeing people that have been waiting for weeks to get in after paying for subscription. Looks like I will have to file a dispute with PayPal since the customer service is nonexistent on this site
By gerhard.ciolliers
ye seeing your post i feel one one side relieved that i am not the only one.................. my activation took 48 hrs not 24 as advertised.. i keep getting unexpected server response error. after trying everything that FAQ suggested i send a ticked so another 48 + hrs is gone.. now it has been almost 5 days since i paid and still no game playing. At this moment i think its better to cut my losses and just cancel next months subscription and move to something else. I was really really hoping to reconnect to the ppl of Seducity , but ye bad service is letting me hit a brick wall.

jack up your service or close down please, but stop wasting people time and money ...............terrible service and support