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By goldenbrats2
I was wondering if it would possible to get a teleporter added to the Game Dome location or be able to teleport from TST to the Game Dome. And perhaps one from TST to the SK turfs since exiting some of the turfs in SK drops us in TST? Much appreciated if you can do this… 🙂
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By Dia
I second this request for teleporters, especially to the Game Dome.

It is SO far away from where games are usually held. Even if one was put in one of the Flamingo Garden locales, that would get us closer.

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By Keellyn
I wish we had a teleporter to the first locale in the VIP area. It's a long damn walk from TST, and my poor avie legs get tired! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeassssseeeeeeeeeee??? :) :)
By razahn
I would like to see the teleporter returned to the Heath entrance.l The Crypt turfs are there with no teleporter, not to mention all the Bar L traffic for games and the VIP lounge next door. There is no teleporter support on that side of town.