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By gigglles_360
Hi! I am considering buying an apple iPad but was wondering if anyone knows if the software is downloadable on an iPad? TIA! :D
By tlmack
Hi...I have a 6th Generation IPad and no, the Vzones software is not downloadable on it. I'm not sure about newer versions. My guess would be no. But maybe someone with a bit more knowledge on the subject could chime in. Tracy (iw name)
By gigglles_360
Thank you! That is very helpful. I’m trying to decide between a MacBook and an iPad.
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By pyewackt
I know this is an old thread, but in case anyone else is wondering,

The VZones software runs on Window, so even if you get the MacBook, you'd need to run a Windows emulator to run it. I use Parallels, and it works beautifully. I run it in coherence mode and things under both Mac and Windows run seamlessly. You can use an iPad if you also have a Mac with Parallels with Windows. The MacOS has a feature called sidecar where you can use the iPad as an additional monitor.

If you have more questions please ask.