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By vgerard78

Late last night I had an idea while i was trying to decided what to wear the next day (for my avatar). I have most my items organized in (engraved) envelopes neatly stacked in my closet turf. When I thought how wonderful would it be to be able to use these cute dressers/armorer we have in Variations to help us sort and organize our pixel wardrobes like a vendor. Have them set up to look cute (offer many diff styles, designs, colors and sizes) and function like a vendor and you can add any items you choose up to a max amount of items allowed. You can view them (next/previous) and buy (but it will all be free). Just a much better way to view/sort and organize any pixel wardrobe..

For example: A large Walnut colored armorer - Can hold 30 items and once you open it, your able to view each item until you find the item you want. Just as you would with any other vendor, you can view next and previous. Then you click (buy) to get your item, but items will be free..

I can see several different styles/designs/colors available. Also we could offer some of these for token's and some for gold..
I can see closet sets avail too... which would also vary from a small container to bigger armorers /dressers and the more each holds the better..

Again this was just a late night thought as I was sorting through my own closet and getting my pixels ready for the day.. It took me longer to find the dress I wanted to wear then I had time to be IW playing..

Any idea to help us all be more organized and less cluttered I'm sure is greatly appreciated by many.

Thank you for considering my NEW "pixel" items/idea.. I'm sure if we put our heads together we can come up with an amazing NEW items that many will just have to have...

Thank you,