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By Devra

This is a personal opinion in addition to comments from other members ~ Placing the Participation Prize for the Dress Up Contest, should be discontinued. Most who enter that contest do #1 for the fun #2 for the distinct prize that is given. Placing said prize for purchase just kinda devalues the whole thing. Guess we will see for sure with the next contest.

By wa_quax
Totally agree .. a 1. Prize to buy in a vendo is really a strange kind nonsense ..

On the other hand, of course it is a nice idea to have the choice to pick up a nice prize item even if someone missed the contest . So the way out seems to be rather easy for me:

Change the item tags for Vendo Items from '1. Prize ....' to something more common not related to winning anything ... (most of the items are old items anyway.. so they have already a item tag ...)

And all might be happy.. the Winners get a very special named Item referring to the event and the place this is a nice individual tag Item keeping its special character for ever and all others might pick up a new toy for there collection... but the only way to get a prize is to win one ...

By Giapet
I was happy to find the first event prizes in the voucher vendo. It didn't make me skip games. And I dressed up for both contests.
BTW I won a defective Klaryssa monkey and it was contagious. She doesnt screech when i use her. So now Gias Screech monkey has layrngitis. (sp)
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By Other Stella
The ability to purchase prizes is helpful to people like me who are generally lost and never know what's going on. LOL :)