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Would really appreciate some info here... The other day I tried to rent a 4 room turf.... to put AW items in for sale, but there were none to rent, (and of course there are no 5, 7 or 10 room turfs either), unless you want to rent a pre-decorated one, which I don't. I don't know what the trouble is because there is no easy communication for people who aren't in world every day, miss town meetings ( even the ones they know about) or who don't use Facebook and I really don't have much time to go through an entire forum either.

I am talking about Temple turfs because I dont use the other area turfs anymore, I have a hard enough time dealing with what I have already - I really dont want to spend the little time I have ghosting from one locale to another just to access turfs - its why I bought a door turf, way back when, in the first place.

I was going to just cancel my account but I was persuaded otherwise for the time being. I am hoping the "please" will get me an answer since not much else has. But I am not as blind or stupid as I seem - I know what it takes to run this, how much money and man-power. I've offered help in different areas but no one's interested in my help, which is fine but now I want answers for the amount of money I pay (we ALL pay), I dont think its too much to ask.

Gypsy - Kaleigh Graham

PS. I wont even complain about paying to see what the turf looks like to determine if I want it and then only getting about 80% back, if I can just get some answers.

Edit 1: FYI, there are only 28 three room turfs available now.

Edit 2: thanks, whoever opened up the turfs.... I really do appreciate it. AND a BIG thanks to AmaltheaVampyre who was kind enough to esp me that the turfs were available.