By Jayce
Slots winners for 10/12 at 4pm vz were:
1st: Havana
2nd: Heartbeat
3rd: Crystallball
4th: Laesea

Doorprize: Rosy, mrslee, charade
Additional Doorprize from Clown's donation of 1000 tokens: Laesea
An Additional doorprize from Gypsy's collection was given to all of todays players

Thank you for coming today.
By Jayce
Slingo Winners for 10/12 at 5pm vz were:
1st: Puckernutz
2nd: Heartbeat
3rd: Rosy
4th: Charade

Doorprize winners were: Heartbeat, Petallypoo and Honor
Devil Prize for the one with the most devils: VBB

Thanks everyone for coming to play today.
By Jayce
Slingo winners for 10/12 at 7pm vz were: (Subbed for Loveternal)
1st: Problem
2nd: Misty Willow
3rd: Laesea
4th: TZ Tinker Toy

Doorprizes: Problem, Stella, Chazz
Devil Prize: Kay-lynne

Thanks all for coming today.
By Jayce
Todays winners for Fishing on 10/13 at 1am vz are: (subbed for Jippo)
1st: Lavender
2nd: Crystallball
3rd: Sophia
4th: Kaari

Doorprize winners are: Geddy Lee, Misty Willow, and Kaari

Thank you for playing today.
By Jayce
Slingo winners for todays game on 10/13 at 7pm vz were:
1st: Charade
2nd: Beannie
3rd: Laesea
4th: Weeping Willow

Doorprize winners: Devan, mrslee, Geddy Lee
Devil Prize Winner: Geddy Lee

Thank you all for playing today.