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By Esmeralda
Total of December Games: 19 (not counting Dec 11 game in Backup World)

December 4, 2019 5am Spock and Lizard
DPs Punkin, Quax, Dobe Lady
1st - mrslee, 2nd - HeartBeat, 3rd - Chazz

December 5 5am Red Dragon
DPs Jung£edream, Laesea, mrslee
1st - Chazz, 2nd - Jung£edream, 3rd - mrslee

December 5 5pm Match Game
DPs CrystallBall, Laesea, Giapet
1st - Celeste, 2nd - Other Stella, 3rd - Giapet
JP of 23,800 carried over

December 7 4pm Movie Trivia
DPs Celeste, LestatSC, Twi
1st - Lil Bit, 2nd - LestatSC, 3rd - Twi

December 7 5pm Red Dragon
DPs HB, CrystallBall, Celeste
1st - Gracie, 2nd - Celeste, 3rd - HB

December 11 5am Spock and Lizard
DPs Laesea, Havana, Cherrie
1st - wort, 2nd - Havana, 3rd - Celeste
Game was held in Backup World but with only 5 players, so is not being counted as part of games hosted.
Prizes will be mailed to winners on return to main world but will not be official prizes.

December 12 5am Red Dragon
DPs Punkin, Laesea, Chazz
1st - Wolfette Rice, 2nd - Punkin, 3rd - Tz

December 12 5pm Match Game
DPs Havana, Ginny, Jung£edream
1st - Giapet, 2nd - Laesea, 3rd - Jung£edream
JP of 26,250 tokens won by Havana!

December 14 4pm Movie Trivia
DPs Astarte, Marianne G, Penny
1st - Astarte, 2nd - Marianne G , 3rd - Wobsi

December 14 5pm Red Dragon
DPs Gemmy, Lil Bit, Celeste
1st - Havana, 2nd - Gemmy, 3rd - Celeste

December 18 5am Spock and Lizard
DPs Celeste, HeartBeat, Lambchop
1st - Chazz, 2nd - Havana, 3rd - Laesea

December 19 5am Red Dragon
DPs Havana, HeartBeat, Punkin
1st - Havana, 2nd - HeartBeat, 3rd - mir

December 19 5pm Match Game
DPs L'AD, Kaari, CrystallBall
1st - Jung£edream, 2nd - Havana, 3rd - CrystallBall
JP of 1350 tokens carried over

December 21 4pm Movie Trivia
DPs Curious, Celeste, Glory, Marianne G
1st - Curious, 2nd - LestatSC, 3rd - Twi, 4th - Wobsi

December 21 5pm Red Dragon
DPs Gemmy, Wobsi, Blue Lightning, Gracie
1st - Gemmy, 2nd - Havana, 3rd - Blue Lightning, 4th - Pammie

December 25 5am Spock and Lizard
DPs LapinFou, Jung£edream, Érè
1st - beannie, 2nd - Érè, 3rd - LapinFou

December 26 5am Red Dragon
DPs LapinFou, Celeste, Laesea
1st - LapinFou, 2nd - Punkin, 3rd - Celeste

December 26 5pm Match Game
DPs CrystallBall, Lapz, Punkin
1st - Punkin, 2nd - HeartBeat, 3rd - CrystallBall
JP of 2900 tokens carried over

December 28 4pm Movie Trivia
DPs Bunny Lebowski, LestatSC, Lil Bit
1st - geddy lee, 2nd - Astarte, 3rd - Lil Bit

December 28 5pm Red Dragon
DPs Lil Bit, mir, Celeste
1st - mir, 2nd - Lil Bit, 3rd - Celeste