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By Esmeralda
Running Total of Games: 5

December 4, 2019 5am Spock and Lizard
DPs Punkin, Quax, Dobe Lady
1st - mrslee, 2nd - HeartBeat, 3rd - Chazz

December 5 5am Red Dragon
DPs Jung£edream, Laesea, mrslee
1st - Chazz, 2nd - Jung£edream, 3rd - mrslee

December 5 5pm Match Game
DPs CrystallBall, Laesea, Giapet
1st - Celeste, 2nd - Other Stella, 3rd - Giapet
JP of 23,800 carried over

December 7 4pm Movie Trivia
DPs Celeste, LestatSC, Twi
1st - Lil Bit, 2nd - LestatSC, 3rd - Twi

December 7 5pm Red Dragon
DPs HB, CrystallBall, Celeste
1st - Gracie, 2nd - Celeste, 3rd - HB

December 11 5am Spock and Lizard
DPs Laesea, Havana, Cherrie
1st - wort, 2nd - Havana, 3rd - Celeste
Game was held in Backup World but with only 5 players, so is not being counted as part of games hosted. Prizes will be mailed to winners on return to main world but will not be official prizes.