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New in VARiATiONS – December 14, 2020

VARiATiONS 2 – Candy Canes makes its debut this week. The AW Christmas Dress is new art.

4 Gold
AW *Tiny Christmas Vest – red
AW *Tiny Christmas Vest-dk pine
AW *Tiny Christmas Vest – black
AW *Tiny Christmas Vest – olive

4000 Tokens
AW *Tiny Christmas Vest -orange
AW *Tiny Christmas Vest – blue
AW *Tiny Christmas Vest – wine
AW *Tiny Christmas Vest -purple

5 Gold
AW *Leather Holiday Vest-black
AW *Leather Holiday Vest-purple
AW *Leather Holiday Vest-wine

5000 Tokens
AW *Leather Holiday Vest-dkpine
AW *Leather Holiday Vest-white
AW *Leather Holiday Vest-blue

3 Gold
AW Double Bow – blue
AW Double Bow – purple
AW Double Bow – green
AW Double Bow – white

3000 Tokens
AW Double Bow – red
AW Double Bow – black
AW Double Bow – gold shimmer
AW Double Bow – steel

6000 Tokens
AW *Christmas Dress – wine
AW *Christmas Dress – purple
AW *Christmas Dress – black
AW *Christmas Dress – white
AW *Christmas Dress – dark pine

6 Gold
AW *Christmas Dress – olive
AW *Christmas Dress – steel
AW *Christmas Dress – green
AW *Christmas Dress – red
AW *Christmas Dress – blue

6 Gold
AW *Fancy Corest Gown – wht/gld
AW *Fancy Corest Gown – golden
AW *Fancy Corest Gown – blk/wht

6000 Tokens
AW *Fancy Corest Gown – red/wht
AW *Fancy Corest Gown – grn/red
AW *Fancy Corest Gown – wht/red

250 Tokens
Blue Candy Cane ’20
Purple Candy Cane ’20
Green Candy Cane ’20
White Candy Cane ’20
Steel Candy Cane ’20
Olive Candy Cane ’20
Dark Pine Candy Cane ’20
Black Candy Cane ’20
Red Candy Cane ’20
Wine Candy Cane ’20

350 Tokens
Candy Cane Antlers-blue ’20
Candy Cane Antlers-purple ’20
Candy Cane Antlers-green ’20
Candy Cane Antlers-white ’20
Candy Cane Antlers-steel ’20
Candy Cane Antlers-olive ’20
Candy Cane Antlers-dk pine ’20
Candy Cane Antlers-black ’20
Candy Cane Antlers-red ’20
Candy Cane Antlers-wine ’20

Happy Shopping!

New In VARiATiONS – December 14, 2020

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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