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New in VARiATiONS – November 23, 2020

VARiATiONS 2 – Accessorize Up is ready for your shopping pleasure. The Mens’ Diamond Studded shirts are new art.

AW *Diamond Studded(M)-brown
AW *Diamond Studded(M)-white
AW *Diamond Studded(M)-blk/blu
AW *Diamond Studded(M)-yellow
AW *Diamond Studded(M)-denim
5000 Tokens Each

AW *Diamond Studded(M)-purple
AW *Diamond Studded(M)-blk/org
AW *Diamond Studded(M)- red
AW *Diamond Studded(M)-blk/red
AW *Diamond Studded(M)-blue
5 Gold Each

Studded Heart Pocketbook-black
Studded Heart Pocketbook-pink
Studded Heart Pocketbook-red
Studded Heart Pocketbook-denim
Studded Heart Pocketbook-olive
3000 Tokens Each

Studded Heart Pocketbook-purple
Studded Heart Pocketbook-yellow
Studded Heart Pocketbook-white
Studded Heart Pocketbook-blue
Studded Heart Pocketbook-green
3 Gold Each

DD Diva Scarf – purple
DD Diva Scarf – blue
DD Diva Scarf – brown
DD Diva Scarf – red
DD Diva Scarf – pink
4000 Tokens Each

DD Diva Scarf – black
DD Diva Scarf – green
DD Diva Scarf – gold
DD Diva Scarf – olive
DD Diva Scarf – white
4 Gold Each

AW Perky Plummage – ruby
AW Perky Plummage – white
AW Perky Plummage – white
5000 Tokens Each

AW Perky Plummage -sky blue
AW Perky Plummage – blackened
AW Perky Plummage – citrus
5 Gold Each

DD Prommie – olive
DD Prommie – sky blue
DD Prommie – tan
5000 Tokens Each

DD Prommie – gold
DD Prommie – black
DD Prommie – white
5 Gold Each

Happy Shopping!

New In VARiATiONS – November 23, 2020

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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