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Customizable Accessories

It would be a neat/fun option to have customizable accessories in Vari that we could paint ourselves, as well as the pre-colored items. Not just skin, but the accessories themselves. Make our own codes. Have a unique shirt, dress, or…

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Event prizes

I don't know how others feel about this, but I honestly think the event prizes do not belong in the prize market. Let me tell you why before you thumbs down.... Events bring more players, but the last few I…

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20 votes!

"Vote for the best ideas and votes over 40 will be priority. Help us build VZones to the worlds you want." Well... help US help YOU! Bring the vote total back to 20. You don't even have enough people voting…

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SC Turfs

While all the improvements made, and in the works are great, it would be nice to have some SC turfs brought over. There are many of us who have lots of great things left lingering over there, and with others…

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