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Hosts are rewarded with standard rewards for each game hosted along with new additional rewards for extra amazing work which benefits both the host & the hosts players. If you are interested in hosting please apply online.


  • XP level = 20 or higher
  • Approved host
Standard Host Reward Per GameHost RewardPlayer Rewards
1 Hour Game Hosting100T + 3V3V, 2V, 1V + 1 VDP
30 Minute Game Hosting50T + 3V3V, 2V, 1V + 1 VDP
Bonus Host RewardsRequirementsHost RewardPlayer Rewards
Daily Hosting 7 DaysNo LOA, no subs1000T + 1G + 1V + Prize Box5 Rare Prizes Boxes
Daily Hosting 1 MonthNo LOA, no subs5000T + 5G + 25V + Prize Box + 50 XP25 Rare Prizes Boxes
Host 3 Slots In 24 Hours (3 Hours)Must be split with at least 1 hour gaps.500T1 Rare Prize Box
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