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In reality, people use shortcuts to save time like riding a bus or drive cars heading to their work place or going back home. In this world, there are no buses nor cars but a Teleporter. Teleporter allows you to go to different Locales in just a second which is way more better.

Teleporters are placed in the most convenient spots In World. If you are lost, you are in the right page. This guide will show you the the spots and places where you can find the Teleporters.

To ride a Teleporter, simply click the "Teleporter" then click the destination where you want to go.



Temple Street Teleporter:

You can find it in Temple Street Turfs Lobby. It is inside the Temple St. Terrace Entrance beside Paint Station. Click the "door" and click "pass through" to enter.


Beach Teleporter:

You can find it in Beach Entrance beside Surfside Apartments.


Crypt Teleporter:

You can find it in Crypt Lobby inside The Crypt.


Friendship road Teleporter:

Find the "Door to Teleporter" which is beside a bench. There are many similar doors which are the Turfs. The Door to Teleporter is the only door in this area which doesn't have a door number.


Jungle Teleporter:

You can find it outside the Tree Turf Office beside Jungle Money surrounded by Huts.


Lakeside Blvd Teleporter:

You can find it in between Lakeside Blvd North. Next to Trinity Lake Bridge.


Orchid Street Teleporter:

You can find it along the road between Harlequin Games Entrance and Isle Caribe Entrance.


Riverview Turfs Teleporter:

You can find it inside Riverview Turfs where you can also find the Elevators and Turfs Manager.


Trelmer Cottages Teleporter:

You can find it in Trelmer Cottages. The Teleporter is the Mirror just beside the elevator.


Village Apartments Teleporter:

You can find it inside Village Apartments next to Elevator.


Video Tutorial:

You can pause and play as you follow the video guide.

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