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This form is to be used to request an avatar and turf transfer from the 2014 backup to the current live world. We can currently only transfer users who are listed on and members who are subscribed or going to subscribe to the standard or VIP memberships.

Option #1 - Rent a turf in WorldsAway and let us know the turf name. We will drop all your items into this turf. Tokens will be loaded into your ATM account. This is the quickest method for us but you will only get the items in your turf. Fixtures would need to be rebuilt.

Option #2 - We restore the turf and items like for like. Slower process. Once complete we will email you the name of the turf.

We aim to restore 1 avatar and 1 turf within 14 days. If you have more than this it may take longer.

After submitting the form please wait for us to contact you within 14 days.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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