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The pan will run a name caller and take registrations throughout the game, there is no cut off for registrations. The games will run until 45 minutes past the hour at the earliest, so if you show up early you may get to play multiple times and walk away with multiple prizes! Pans will carry their own and at least 1 other Pan’s main and door prizes to choose from.

Rock Toss

The pan will call down six players and each player will stand at a number, once everyone has chosen their number the pan will ‘toss the rock’ whoever it hits is out and will receive a door prize. Last player standing in the round will win a main prize. The Pan will then call down six more players and start again. If time permits you may have a chance to play again!

Pan Blackjack

The object of the game is to score a higher number than the Pan, without going over 21, aces can be high or low. Players will be called down one at a time, when prompted to start by the Pan, the Player will ‘use, so all can see’ the first 2 decks of Player cards, they can then ‘stick’ with the cards they have or ‘hit’ one deck at a time, get additional cards until they want choose to stick. Once the Player is happy with their number, or busts, the Pan will ‘use’ their 2 decks and see who has a higher number. Beating the Pan will win a main prize a loss or a bust will get the player a door prize.

High or Low

The object of the game is to successfully predict whether four cards will be higher or lower than the card before. Players will be called down one at a time, the Pan will ‘use’ the starting deck to get the players starting card. The player will then announce if they think the next card will be Higher or Lower than the starting card, they will ‘use’ the next deck, if the player is correct then will get to decide if the next card will be Higher or Lower than that one, until they have successfully predicted four times. If they get all four correct they will win a main prize. If they get one wrong or the cards match they will win a door prize. Aces always count as 1 and will always be lower than a 2.

Dueling Dice

The pan will call down 6 players, each player will then stand at a set of dice. When prompted by the pan, each player will ‘roll’ both their dice, lowest combined total is out and receives a door prize, in the case of a draw for lowest number, an additional dice will be rolled by each player until the draw is broken. The remaining players will roll again when prompted until only one player remains and they will win a main prize. A roll of any double enters you into a playoff at the end for the chance to win one of the three boxes, which will each contain vouchers, you do not have to win your round to qualify.

Pan Match

Players will be called down one at a time and asked to select two boxes. The pan will then open each box and display the item inside for all to see, the items will tell you what you have won. If you match two crystals you win a main prize, if you uncover a DP orb you will win a door prize. You may also find one of 3 special orbs, which correspond to a box which will contain vouchers. If you uncover a door prize and a special orb you win both.

Lucky Dice

Players will be called down one at a time and, when prompted by the pan, will roll both dice giving both a row and a column number. The player will win what is behind the rock at that location. There is a chance to win a door prize, main prize or one of the special boxes with vouchers inside. Players may get a chance to play again depending on time and how many other players there are.

Frog Racing

The Pan will call down 3 players, the players will then pick which frog they wish to sponsor by standing at their dice. The players will take turns rolling their die to see how far their frog moves. The first frog to cross the finish line wins, and the player will win a Main Prize! The other two players will win a Door Prize. Watch out for the even numbered spaces, they may make the frogs freeze, move backwards or maybe start again.

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