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WorldsAway Quests

Introduced in mid 2020, quests are a new and exciting way to explore the virtual world of WorldsAway. Questing brings new opportunities for people to have fun and explore the lore of the world. Quests are under constant development by a dedicated team, and new quests are made live every month, so be sure to check this page for the latest quest releases.

Quest Level 1

Released: 14th August 2020
Starting Region: Welcome Centre

Quest Level 1 - The Arga

The Argo

A basic introduction to VZones questing, featuring the Argo Parrot. This quest is skippable and is essentially a tutorial for begginers. There are no rewards for completing this quest.

Quest Level 2

Released: 19th October 2020
Starting Region: Travel Agency Office

Quest 2 - Welcome To The Jungle

Welcome to the jungle/Take to the skies

A missing courier, a jungle full of surprises and 4 new cities to explore! Can you find all the flight tickets? Travel between Seducity, London, Phoenix and Ireland in this introductory quest, with many unique knick-knacks to collect along the way.

Quest Level 3

Released: 3rd March 2021
Starting Region: Mountain Hangout

Quest Level 3 - Introducing Second Kingdom

Introducing Second Kingdom

An evil force has wreaked havoc on Trelmer. Climb Pan's Mountain, solving puzzles along the way, and see if you can aid the villagers on their quest for a new home. Second Kingdom area unlocked after completing this quest - For more info see

Quest Level 4

Released: 16th July 2021
Starting Region: Starway Cafe Entrance

Starway Cafe

Starway Cafe

A newly developed space station funded by Heliotek Corporation has just opened on Kymer high street. Time to explore!

More Quests Coming Soon

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