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If a member is breaking the rules, you can report that person to VZones. Oracles, Acolytes & VZones staff read reports as they are submitted. Response time depends on how busy they are, but rest assured they will deal with the issue as soon as they can, sometimes within minutes.

If a member is harassing or annoying you, please click ignore this avatar on that player. This will stop the player from being able to continue their behavior towards you.

When Should I Report?

  • If another member uses obscene, racist, or otherwise vulgar language
  • If another member talks about, asks for, or simulates sexual acts
  • If you know a member is cheating or otherwise violating Terms of Service
  • If a member is spamming (repeating the same message over and over)

It’s really important to make sure that your reports have a full description of the problem or issue. Quote where possible. Reports with insufficient information cannot be actioned by the team.


Report Member

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