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Sponsored activities allow approved members to organise an in world activity for members to join in.

The organiser of the activity will be rewarded with XP, prizes, gold or tokens.


  • XP level = 20 or higher
  • Approved host
Sponsored ActivityTime PeriodSlotsHost RewardPlayer Rewards
Ghost Racing1 hour (6 rounds)1 Per Day2000T + 1 Prize Item6 x 1 Prize Item
Prize Hunt1 Hour2 Per Week2000T + 1G + 1 Prize Item10 Prize Items
Gold Hunt1 Hour1 Per Week2000T + 2G10 x 1G
Token Hunt1 Hour2 Per Week2000T100 x 100T
Voucher Hunt1 Hour2 Per Week2000T + 10V20 x 3V
Tag1 Hour (up to 4 rounds)1 Per Day2000T + 4V4 x 4V
Hide n Seek1 Hour (up to 5 rounds)1 Per Day2000T + 1G + 1 Prize5 Prizes
Theatre Play1 Hour1 Per Month25G + 10000T10V/2G Player & Audience Gifts
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