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2020 Halloween Auction

Submitted by Nodnarb

The 2020 VZones Halloween Auction, hosted by Auctioneer Nodnarb and Helper Suzie, was put on as part of the VZones Halloween week of events and took place on Wednesday, October 28 at 9PM VZT. VZones staff submitted 20 items to be auctioned off, ranging from fuzzies, community event items, Halloween items and AvatarWares.

The auction started off strong with one of Kymer’s newest additions – the AW VZ Space Craft, created by one of our very talented artists, Laesea. After Nodnarb pleaded with the audience to boost the bids to help pay for a large debt he owed to Andy, the bids started flowing and eventually was sold to shanny.

New records were smashed as we first saw the first bidding war of the night for the rare head, ‘Debbie’, which included a bonus dress. Many people were interested in this head but in the end, it was a showdown between Shoot and Essence. Back and forth from 5,000 tokens, these two warriors worked their way up to a staggering 150,000 tokens – completely obliterating the previous record of 50,000 for Lambkins, held by Luna.
Nodnarb pressed on and sold many other items, including 4 different AW Trick or Treat Pails, which were impressively swept up by miracle. Other great items were snapped up by Juliet, Shortstuff, SifuJJ, Sophia, and L’AD.

Essence, feeling her warrior spirit calling out to her, refused to lose again and came out swinging for the wearable ‘Paisley Wrap – smoke’. Much to Nodnarb’s surprise, she submitted her first bid of an astonishing 100,000 tokens and scared off any other bidders. Needless to say, Essence won her coveted wrap in this impressive show of determination.

The night wasn’t over, however, as there was one more record to be broken. Many were eyeing the last item of the night, a very rare dress, ‘P&J-Couture Gown3-waves’, and it was clear there was going to be one last bidding war. Juliet kicked things off with a 1,000 token bid and from there the bids soared to great heights. Luna and Shoot went back and forth on the way to destroy the record set earlier in the evening until the dust settled and the final bid came in… 170,000 tokens from Shoot.

The VZones Halloween Auction was a great success! A big thank you to everyone that came out and made this event possible. The auction team truly appreciates all the support shown by the community.

2020 Halloween Auction

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