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A Major Winter Storm Is Coming

Brother Echo met with us today to discuss preparations for the storm that is expected to hit Kymer very hard. Cosmic Andy handed out milk and bread so we would have some supplies to see us through. There will be a vendo with storm cleanup supplies on the Argo after your trip back from Summerland.

Here is what Brother Echo said:

Thank you all for coming today.
We have to clear out soon so we can get back to the radio show so I will jump right in.
I come to you with worrying news.
Over the past couple of days over the mountains we have seen temperatures dropping and winds picking up.
Vaserius retured from the seas yesterday reporting that the sea was too strong and he could not complete his trip.
Based on what we are seeing with the weather in the mountains we are expecting a huge storm to hit the island by Saturday afternoon.
For the safety of everyone we have decided we need to evacuate on Saturday while the storm hits.
We do not know how bad the storm is going to be but we are expecting damage to the island and a lot of snow.
We are going to need a lot of volunteers who can help us on Saturday.
We will provide tools and supplies via vendo ASAP.
So the plan will be to evacuate everyone on Saturday around 1PM WA before we expect the storm.
During this time to keep you safe you will need to take a boat trip to Summerland away from the storm.
To be safe you will need to get on the boat at 1pm WA
Anyone late will have to take the risk and swim over <shrug>
When its safe to return and we have seen the damage to the island you can then return back we expect around 6 to 7 pm WA.
Once back on the island subject to the damage we will need everyone to work as a team.
So that is it for now. Any questions before I go?
Please wrap up warm, pack tools if you have them, food for the day etc.
You can host at Summerland yes.
Mop and bucket might be needed if homes are flooded
Snow plow drivers will be needed.
Cant pay you for help sorry.
Christmas stuff Andy will be able to answer but first we need to see what happens with the storm.
We can leave you in Summerland all weekend for anyone who does not want to return or playing games still.
We can do a few trips on the boat.
You will need warmer clothes
LowRider needs to cover up
Thank you all for coming today and please tune into the radio station.

Thank you Brother Echo for speaking with us. Take care everyone and stay safe during the storm.

A Major Winter Storm Is Coming

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