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December 2022 Update

“It is December, and nobody asked if I was ready.”
Sarah Kay

This year has flown by, we can’t believe it is already December. With the colder weather in the northern hemisphere, this is the perfect time to meet and chat with family and friends here in VZones. Here is whats in store this month.

Jayce and Shoot are hosting a Murder Mystery Event Dec 3-4. In addition to the games there will be Costume Contests and a mystery for you to solve.

Double Voucher Week will be December 11-16.

The Vzones Christmas Event will be December 17-18

VZones Raffle

Join in the fun every Sunday at 9pm VZT with the Raffle Team.
Here are the prizes for this month:

VZRaffle Cowboy Hat – Dec ’22
VZ Raffle Wrap – Dec ’22
VZ Raffle Snowman Hat-Dec ’22
VZones Raffle Fox – Dec ’22
VZones Raffle Fuzzie Dec’22
VZ Raffle Mini Tree – Dec’22
VZ Raffle Dasher – Dec ’22
VZ Raffle Holly Box (L) -Dec’22
contains VZRaffle Holly Box Key Dec’22
VZ Raffle Elf Purse – Dec ’22
contains VZRaffle SeaStarNecklace-Dec’22, VZRaffle Earrings – Dec ’22, VZ Raffle Blinky Crown-Dec’22
VZRaffle PaintVoucher Dec’22

Pan News

Prize Schedule will be as follows:
Week 1 (1-6) Amusing Amethyst & Arctic Brooks
Week 2 (7-12) Autumn Silas & Blushing Moonstone
Week 3 (13-18) Daffodil Dilly & Glistening Glacier
Week 4 (19-24) Meadow Brook & Pervy
Week 5 (25-31) Ravishing Ruby & Rockin Rhodium

Main Prizes are Snowmen & Fireside Cats
Door prizes are Merry & Bright and Ponies

KYMR Prizes

Come visit Ðarksider J, JavaBean and CrystallBall every Thursday in the KYMR studio and Saturday at ClubSC Dance Floor at 8pm VZT for tunes, dancing, and laugher. You may also win one of these prizes:

KYMR Media Player Dec ’22
KYMR Cap Dec ’22
KYMR BT Speaker Dec ’22 (C)
KYMR Radio DJ – Dec ’22
KYMR Stratocaster – Dec ’22
KYMR Mascot Dec ’22

Activity Prize

Join Morning Glory Mondays and Fridays at 10pm for Prize & Voucher Hunt. Morning Glory will also be dropping Silver Vouchers during her Prize & Voucher Hunts.

Christmas Bear Hat ’22

Host Accessories

Hosts may request any or all of the host accessories. Here is the current selection.

Dedicated Host Hat Dec ’22
Host Sash Dec ’22
I’m a Star Host! Dec ’22
Dedicated Host Badge Dec ’22
Host Badge Dec ’22
The Dragon Host Dec ’22

Prize Market

PM VZ Classic Vendo / Prize Art

PM Specials & Classic AW

PM Shop Specials

PM Wedding Items

Club VIP

The AW Rewards Shop Clerks will get your items for you. The hours that there is a shop clerk on duty are posted on the schedule which is located on the wall outside Club VIP. Unghost and click on it to view it. Please note: Only the main avatar on a VIP account can get items from Club VIP

This month in Club VIP

Seasons Greetings – Dec 2022
Club VIP Peppermint – Dec ’22
Seasons GreetingsTicket Dec ’22

Use the ticket to redeem for any 2 of the items below

AW PomPom Winter Hat – iced
AW PomPom Winter Hat – festive

AW *Mrs. Elf Dress – festive
AW *Mrs. Elf Dress – iced

December 2022 Update

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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