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Game Dome Opening

The Game Dome is finally opening. Hosts can start getting their turfs in there now.

Here are the details:

  1. Game Dome turfs are meant strictly for hosting games. They are not a living space or a shop.
  2. Only approved hosts may get a turf in the Game Dome.
  3. A host may have one turf in the Dome.
  4. Game Dome turfs are rent free.
  5. Turfs are empty 3 room turfs. Hosts can decorate them as they please.
  6. A host may only host one game a week in the Dome, any additional games hosted during the week must be in public areas. The exception to this is if the host has back to back games. In that case both may be held in the Game Dome turf.
  7. Games in the Dome must be on the schedule.
  8. Game Dome turf names will be listed on the elevator menu to make it easier for players to find you.
  9. The Game Dome Lounge (to the left of the Game Dome Lobby) may be used if a sub is needed for a game.

If you are interested in getting a Game Dome turf, please contact Pyewacket inworld.

Game Dome Lounge

Game Dome Lobby

Game Dome Opening

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