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Halloween 2019 Vendo Locations

Here is a guide to the locations of the Halloween ’19 vendos. You may need to search a bit in the locales to find the items. <g>


Boo! ’19 (fuzzie) 150T

Karnival Pick-a-Pumpkin

Demonic Pumpkin ’19 175T
Lil’ Carved Pumpkin ’19 50T
Death Minion’s Hat ’19 225T
Pick-a-Pumpkin ’19 50T

Pumpkin Accessories

AW *DD Pumpkin Skirt – 3000T
AW DD Pumpkinbrella – 3000T

Abandoned Carnival Grounds

Pack of Leaves ’19 350T
(10 pk) 10 assorted styles of leaves, including falling leaves

Abandoned Karnival

Happy Halloween ’19 10T

Broken Down Merry-Go-Round

Halloween Web Deco2 ’19 125T
Karnival Beads – carousel ’19 75T

Pogo’s Hideout

Pogo’s Shovel 175T

Pogo the Clown’s Hideout

Spider Web ’19 25T
Barney the Dead Carnie ’19 100T
Nasty Spider Picture ’19 75T
Pogo The Clown ’19 (head) 375T

Abandoned Carnival Portal

Halloween Spider Deco ’19 125T

Karnival Theme Park

Halloween Deco2 ’19 75T
AW *Cat Tunic 5000T (9 assorted colors)

Karnival Fish for a Prize

Halloween Karnival Frog ’19 FREE
Halloween Karnival Bear ’19 FREE
Halloween Karnival Goldfish ’19 FREE
Halloween Karnival Raccoon ’19 FREE

Karnival Eye On You

AW *Bat House Tunic 5000T (9 assorted colors)

Karnival Rocket Coaster

Karnival Beads- rocket ’19 75T

Abandoned Game Booths

Halloween Kitty Deco1 ’19 125T
Halloween Kitty Deco2 ’19 125T
Creepy Crawler Hat ’19 75T
Happy Halloween 2019 10T
Noodle Doodle Mood Hat ’19 250T
Karnival Beads – multi ’19

Feeding the Monster

Noodle Doodle Mood Hat ’19 250T

Torched Head Shop

Oil Lamp ’19 150T

Torched Head Shop

Me Axe Needs Cleaning ’19 275T
Karnival Beads – fire ’19 75T
The Evil Master ’19 350T
Devil* ’19 350T
Werewolf* ’19 350T
Maddy* ’19 350T
Witch* ’19 350T
Headless* ’19 350T
Bride of Frankenstein* ’19 350T
Pumpkin Head ’19 350T
Frankenstein* ’19 350T
Uncle Fester* ’19 350T
Shrunken Head* ’19 100T
Old Skull ’19 350T
Dracula* ’19 350T
Off With My Head* ’19 100T
Vampira* ’19 350T

Whack a Mole Game

Whack a Mole Hatchet ’19 FREE

Land of the Dead

Dead Willow Tree ’19 125T

Creatures of the Night

Vampire Emergency Kit ’19 1000T (10 blood related items)
Devil’s Pitch Fork ’19 425T

Pieces of the old Haunted House

Pumpkin Decoration ’19 125T
Haunted Mirror ’19 125T

Spirits Are Around You

Bloody Gargoyle ’19 175T
FrankenBoy ’19 175T

Old Balcony

Honduran White Bat ’19 125T
Western Red Bat ’19 125T

Reflections of the Dead

Moldy Bat Border ’19 175T
Trick or Treat Bag ’19 50T (contains 10 assorted candy pieces)

Old Parlor

Haunted Mirror1 ’19 125T
Ghostly Fire Lamp ’19 175T

Trespassers Demise

Halloween Kitty Bones Deco ’19 125T
Don’t Feed the Animals ’19 350T

Prize Market

Here you will find the prizes from the Halloween Event available
to be purchased with prize vouchers.

Halloween 2019 Vendo Locations

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