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Halloween @ VZones

The Halloween locales will be opening for VIP members on October 22nd at 2pm WA time and for all members on October 23rd. Halloween items will be available in VARiATiONS for all on October 22nd at the same time thanks to Polly.  Soon we will be seeing decorations appropriate to the season around our world.

The Halloween locales are fabulous, and while it was team effort, Chime did all of the planning, and most of the work, so please be sure to thank her. You can find them by going to Caves 1 in SK. There will be a pass through leading to the Halloween area.

Halloween Event

We’re having a Halloween Event on October 27 and 28. The Event Schedule is up and there are still some open slots. Any Approved Host who is currently on the regular games schedule may host in the event, If you would like to host, please ESP mail Pyewacket.

Event Prizes

1st – Halloween Boo! Hat ’18
2nd – Ghost Bear ’18
3rd-Desmodus Rotundus Staff ’18
4th Halloween Skull Bag ’18

Door Prizes

DP – Halloween Treat ’18
DP – Skull T-Shirt ’18
DP – Skeleton ’18
DP – Ghost Pendant ’18

VIP Contest

There will also be a contest for VIP members. You can decorate the outside of your townhouse for Halloween. Contact a staff member to glue down and tweak your decorations for you. An Oracle will choose the winners on the last day the Halloween locales are open.

The Prizes are:
1st Place – 30g
2nd Place – 20g
3rd Place – 10g

Halloween Maze

We will be having a maze, and we have been told it is truly evil. The maze will open a few days after the rest of Halloween (true evil takes time to create). The prize for making it through is:

Zombie Werewolf ’18

Halloween Quest

And finally we have a quest for you. Specifically a Halloween Movie Tour. To begin go to the west from the Entry Hall of the Mansion. In the Halloween Movie Tour Office talk to the Ticket Agent. She will give you the information you need and a gift.

There are 9 items scattered around our world (not in Halloween area) you will need to find. Once you have them all, return to the Halloween Movie Tour Office and show your ticket at the door to begin the tour.

Here is a picture of the items you are searching for and the gift from the Ticket Agent.

While the items are scattered around, they are in plain sight, not hidden as hunt items generally are.

The prizes if you survi-erm make it to the end of the quest are:

I Survived! Halloween Quest ’18
Chuckie ’18
Halloween Movie Tour ’18
10 Experience Points

Some quest pointers:
If you get into the quest locales and find you don’t have all the needed items, or if you just want to leave and try later, log out. When you log back in you will be in the Halloween Movie Tour Office.

Since for this quest you are collecting actual items rather than facts, you will need to show them to the appropriate characters along the way. Pay attention to what the characters tell you to find out if there is anything else you have to do and to find your way to the next locale. To show an item, hold it and click on the appropriate character.

Happy Halloween from all of us at VZones!

Halloween @ VZones

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

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