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Home Delivery Has Arrived in VZones

Getting tired of walking all the way to a Post Box (or mailbox as some call them) when you want to send or receive mail? Well now you can avoid the walk.

There is a new locale inside the Village Commons Realtor where you can purchase a working Post Box for your home or turf. Village Commons Realtor is located two locales east of Village Apartments.

You will need AW Gold Coins to buy a Post Box. You can get them on the VZones Products page. If you forget, no worries, there is a link to the page on the floor.

The Post Boxes cost 5 AW Gold Coins each and are available in a variety of colors and styles. To purchase one click on the color/style you want. You will receive a ticket for the color and style you chose.

To redeem the ticket, contact any staff member. They will place the Post Box on your house or in your turf.

The red text that will appear when you enter the Post Box locale will also give the above information.

Home delivery has come to VZones!

Home Delivery Has Arrived In VZones

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