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Event prizes

I don't know how others feel about this, but I honestly think the event prizes do not belong in the prize market. Let me tell you why before you thumbs down.... Events bring more players, but the last few I…

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Samantha in the paint shop is blocking paint cans that ppl need. She forces us to unghost. Can she be moved either to the corner where that flower pot is, or better yet, put in in a locale to the…

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I would like for the Seducity locales that are open now in DS to stay. Each world has a handful of locales. It's not as much as i want from my home Zone, but we love being there. We've talked…

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100% pawn

I would love to see 100% pawn machines come back because of all the beautiful things that were made ! that require tokens ! And not to many ways to make them except selling things !

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