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Introduction Ceremonies

Let's have some fun with the new staff/RP members of the community. New staffers and roleplayers should be introduced in a short ceremony so members are aware of them and can maybe learn a little bit about them and what…

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Gold and Black!

Please make clothing available in more colors, specifically gold, black, or black and gold. (not black and purple, or gold and green, etc...) It's a classic combo and literally EVERYONE will wear it.

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New Member Support

I believe there needs to be more support and guidance for members that are just signing up for the first time. Having gone through it recently is was very frustrating not knowing what to do or where to find items…

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Game Help

I know there are instructions to a small number of games but there are so many games that are being offered on here that new members would like to play but instructions cannot be found anywhere. The pans for instance…

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