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Restore VZSci-Fi?

A number of years back, NH had some really awesome Sci-Fi locales. Things like T'Chell world & UFOChat; Mackie's Spaceyard for the space turfs. The robot teaser, in the window of Hidden Treasures, was the turf manager. So, if you…

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InWorld Events

It’s time to up our game! We are working on changes to provide you with extra fun and exciting things to do, buy, and see when an official event is hosted. We have lot’s of secret ideas that will be…

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Can we please get more teleporters inworld? 1) Game Dome 2) Somewhere by the AW homes (Kelsey?) 3) Bring back the Friendship Rd Teleporter

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V-Mart: More Electronics

Since we've been goin' all-out in V-mart, lately, how about an expanded collection of electronics? My thoughts go back to "TechTronics" in old-NH, London. In my case, I'd love to see: the return of the items included in o.stereo.img; the…

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