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July 2019 Update

The year is half over. Where does the time go? Here’s what is new in July.

Turf Contest

The June Turf Contest had a movie theme. There were a lot of fun entries. Here are the winners:

1st Azzoo

2nd IrishPrincess

3rd Giapet

Congratulations to the winners and well done to all the entrants. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

Watch for details for the July Turf Contest in the Announcements section of the forum.

Pan News

Starting in July, our Pans will have lighter pockets as they
will have the other Pan prizes according this schedule:

July 1-6 Thundering Storm & Thornberry
July 7-13 Smoldering Embers & Solar Flare
July 14-20 Sapphire Meadows & Grazing Green
July 21-27 Glistening Glacier & Ebony Forest
July 28-31 Copper Miner & Acacia Blossom
Be sure to play during these scheduled times or you may miss out
at the end of the month. Our Pans will no longer ‘carry all’ at the end of the month.

As a side note, the Pans love to play with all the members.
This includes your alts, too! So, bring them all and have fun!
Even if only one player shows up you can rest assured the Pan will play.

KYMR Prizes

Come visit Ðarksider J and JavaBean at KYMR every Thursday and Saturday at 8pm VZT for tunes, dancing, and laugher. You may also win one of these prizes:

KYMR Greatest Hits – July ’19
KYMR Radio Tunes – July ’19
KYMR Radio DJ – July ’19
KYMR Stratocaster – July ’19
KYMR Rock in Peace – July ’19

Activity Prize

Ghost Racing, Prize Hunt and Hide and Seek will be offering the following prize in July:

Recycled Seating ’19

Host Accessories

Hosts may request any or all of the host accessories. These are available in July:

I’m a Star Host! July ’19
The Dragon Host July ’19
Dedicated Host Badge July ’19
Host Sash July ’19
Host Badge July ’19
Dedicated Host Hat July ’19

Prize Market

Your vouchers can buy these in July.

PM VZ Classic Vendo / Prize Art

PM Classic AW And New Art

Shop Specials

We’ve added something new in the Prize Market. The Event Prize room is now Wedding Items/Event Prizes. The Wedding items will stay, but the colors will change every 3 months. Event prizes stay for a month after the event.

Club VIP

VIP members can get 2 AW items a month from Club VIP. The AW Rewards Shop Clerks will get your items for you. The hours that there is a Shop Clerk on duty are posted on the schedule. Please be sure you visit when a Clerk is on duty, they love to visit and chat with members. If you can’t be there at the scheduled times, you can ESP Maija to meet with you in Club VIP to get your items. Please note only the main avatar on a VIP account can get items from Club VIP.

New this month in Club VIP

Hazy Summer Dayz Mascot – ’19
VIP Hazy Summer Dayz – July ’19

AW*Summer Playdate – patriotic
AW*Summer Playdate – pastels
AW*Summer Playdate – sunshine

AW *Sexy Ruffles – royal
AW *Sexy Ruffles – sunny

AW *Double Dare – candy
AW *Double Dare – uniform

AW *Mens Sports Jersey – red
AW *Mens Sports Jersey – goth
AW *Mens Sports Jersey – summer

Have some Sizzling Summer Fun in VZones.

July 2019 Update

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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