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In World Milk Delivery???

Going straight into the top 20 list of the most bizarre things to happen in VZones is the new experimental milk delivery service available to public homeowners and townhouses. We label this as experimental because it’s the first role playing employment position that we have created and it’s being setup as a test with a view of creating lots more fun in world jobs and adding more role play.

Products offered:

Almond Milk
White Milk
Chocolate Milk
Strawberry Milk
Orange Juice
Grape Juice

Single Bottle 2G
Crate 6 Bottles 5G

How does it work?

1) Simply purchase a single full bottle (or multiple singles of different flavours) or a crate of 6 depending which style you would like outside your home.  These can be purchased from the Village Commons Office, then arrange with an Acolyte to glue it down outside your home.

2) Leave the container “open” when you require a delivery. The official Milk Man will come by weekly and deliver your order and close the container to show the bottles as full.

3) When you’ve finishing drinking the weeks supply you can pawn the delivered bottle or collect them. Bottles are named by month and year.

Can I work for the milk man?

Please ESP Acolyte Rusty or Milk Man to apply to work for the milk delivery service.

In World Milk Delivery???

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