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New in the Prize Market

Do you have vouchers burning a hole in your status menu? <g> There are a lot of things you can buy with them in the Prize Market located conveniently on Temple Street. There has been a new locale opened in there with items selling for 65-200 vouchers.

The first set of items sell for 1-10 vouchers and are mainly items that were used before for prizes, so if you missed them you can pick them up here.

The items are as follows:

Mama Bear ’18, Price: 2 V
Half-Pipe Dreams ’18, Price: 3 V
Rings of Saturn ’18, Price: 6 V
Olympics Hockey Bag ’18, Price: 4 V
Frozen Spectator ’18, Price: 6 V
Mom’s Favorite Fragrance ’18, Price: 1 V
Olympic Rings T-Shirt ’18, Price: 1 V
Olympic Figure Skater ’18, Price: 3 V

Mom’s Wrap ’18, Price: 2 V
Game Ball 2018, Price: 2 V
Mom’s Special Day ’18, Price: 5 V
Easter Rabbit Stuffie ’18, Price: 6 V
Patriot’s Jersey (F) ’18 (DEF), Price: 2 V
Eagles Jersey (F) ’18 (DEF), Price: 2 V
Flowers For Mom ’18, Price: 1 V
Harry’s Tie ’18, Price: 1 V

In the next locale there are items selling for 15-60 tokens. A note to remember, the Gremlin and Fuzzie change each month, so grab them quickly if you want the July ones.

The items are as follows:

Flophat, Price: 45
Cat Tail, Price: 50 V
July Gremlin ’18, Price: 35 V
July Prize Fuzzie ’18, Price: 50 V
Rainbow Chest, Price: 60 V
Three Month’s Free Rent, Price: 50 V
Gimme a Light, Price: 40 V
Watergun, Price: 50 V
Crackers, Price: 45 V

And finally we have the new items. These item sell for 65 to 200 vouchers, so get out there and play lots of games. <g>

The items are as follows:

Garden Romance (Yellow), Price: 80
Garden Romance (Red), Price: 80 V
Box Of Tokens (5,000), Price: 75 V
Box Of Tokens (10,000), Price: 150 V
Mirror, Price: 85 V
Lamp ’18, Price: 70 V
Spring Garden, Price: 65 V
Stone Fireplace, Price: 100 V

Many thanks to Chime for providing all these wonderful items to spend our vouchers on.

New In The Prize Market

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