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New in VARiATiONS – August 16, 2021

A new floor means three new shopping locales to tempt you. The Walk the Walk Dresses in VARiATiONS 2 – 801 are the new art this week.

VARiATiONS 2 – West Hall 8

175 Tokens
Love’s Pulse Necklace – sage
Love’s Pulse Necklace – aqua
Love’s Pulse Necklace – mauve
Love’s Pulse Necklace – pink
Love’s Pulse Necklace – olive
Love’s Pulse Necklace – purple
Love’s Pulse Necklace – autumn
Love’s Pulse Necklace – grey
Love’s Pulse Necklace – golden
Love’s Pulse Necklace – citrus
Love’s Pulse Necklace – brown
Love’s Pulse Necklace – melon

200 Tokens
Shroom Hat – black
Shroom Hat – red
Shroom Hat – melon
Shroom Hat – silver
Shroom Hat – blue
Shroom Hat – pink

200 Tokens
Paper Lotus Blossom – melon
Paper Lotus Blossom – red
Paper Lotus Blossom – black
Paper Lotus Blossom – lime
Paper Lotus Blossom – fiery
Paper Lotus Blossom – orange
Paper Lotus Blossom – white
Paper Lotus Blossom – blue

5 Gold
AW Bling Bling Hat – black
AW Bling Bling Hat – red
AW Bling Bling Hat – purple

5000 Tokens
AW Bling Bling Hat – grey
AW Bling Bling Hat – blue
AW Bling Bling Hat – brown

VARiATiONS 2 – 801

6 Gold
AW *Walk the Walk Dress-purple
AW *Walk the Walk Dress-mauve
AW *Walk the Walk Dress-white
AW *Walk the Walk Dress-melon
AW *Walk the Walk Dress-olive

6000 Tokens
AW *Walk the Walk Dress-golden
AW *Walk the Walk Dress-dp red
AW *Walk the Walk Dress-aqua
AW *Walk the Walk Dress-pink
AW *Walk the Walk Dress-blue

5 Gold
AW Tattered Corset-bk/pk[SKIN]*
AW Tattered Corset-steel[SKIN]*
AW Tattered Corset-red[SKIN]*
AW Tattered Corset-bk/gd[SKIN]*

5000 Tokens
AW Tattered Corset-melon[SKIN]*
AW Tattered Corset-white[SKIN]*
AW Tattered Corset-purpl[SKIN]*
AW Tattered Corset-blue[SKIN]*

5 Gold
AW *PS Formality Dress-golden
AW *PS Formality Dress-red
AW *PS Formality Dress-white

5000 Tokens
AW *PS Formality Dress-black
AW *PS Formality Dress-green
AW *PS Formality Dress-fiery

5 Gold
AW LuDuDz Countess-melon[SKIN]*
AW LuDuDz Countess-mauve[SKIN]*
AW LuDuDz Countess-black[SKIN]*

5000 Tokens
AW LuDuDz Countess-golde[SKIN]*
AW LuDuDz Countess-aqua[SKIN]*
AW LuDuDz Countess-fiery[SKIN]*

3 Gold
AW Bead Fringe Handbag – fiery
AW Bead Fringe Handbag – aqua
AW Bead Fringe Handbag – golden

3000 Tokens
AW Bead Fringe Handbag – black
AW Bead Fringe Handbag – mauve
AW Bead Fringe Handbag – melon

5 Gold
AW *Pressed Shirt – lime
AW *Pressed Shirt – fiery
AW *Pressed Shirt – golden

5000 Tokens
AW *Pressed Shirt – melon
AW *Pressed Shirt – mauve
AW *Pressed Shirt – olive

VARiATiONS 2 – East Hall 8

3 Gold
AW Exotic Feather Hat – lt blue
AW Exotic Feather Hat – pink
AW Exotic Feather Hat – purple
AW Exotic Feather Hat – mauve

3000 Tokens
AW Exotic Feather Hat – white
AW Exotic Feather Hat – black
AW Exotic Feather Hat – golden
AW Exotic Feather Hat – sage

75 Tokens
Feather In Your Hair – shimmer
Feather In Your Hair – fiery
Feather In Your Hair – lime
Feather In Your Hair – blue
Feather In Your Hair – sage
Feather In Your Hair – mauve
Feather In Your Hair – golden
Feather In Your Hair – black

5 Gold
AW Sparkling Faerie Wings-mauve
AW Sparkling Faerie Wings-blue
AW Sparkling Faerie Wings-rose
AW Sparkling Faerie Wings-lapis
AW Sparkling Faerie Wings-red

5000 Tokens
AW Sparkling Faerie Wings-purpl
AW Sparkling Faerie Wings-sage
AW Sparkling Faerie Wings-pink
AW Sparkling Faerie Wings-black
AW Sparkling Faerie Wings-white

1 Gold
AW *DD Mui bodyflower – lilac
AW *DD Mui bodyflower – black
AW *DD Mui bodyflower – fiery

1000 Tokens
AW *DD Mui bodyflower – lt blue
AW *DD Mui bodyflower – melon
AW *DD Mui bodyflower – pink

Happy Shopping

New In VARiATiONS – August 16, 2021

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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