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New in VARiATiONS – December 17, 2021

Get ready for a huge update to VARiATiONS.

VARiATiONS 3 – 104
New Art AW Casual Cool Cap

6 Gold
AW Casual Cool Cap – red/black
AW Casual Cool Cap – grey/black
AW Casual Cool Cap – blue/aqua
AW Casual Cool Cap – black/gold
AW Casual Cool Cap -silv/orchid

6000 Tokens
AW Casual Cool Cap – red/pink
AW Casual Cool Cap -mauve/steel
AW Casual Cool Cap – pink/aqua
AW Casual Cool Cap – denim
AW Casual Cool Cap -black/olive

4000 Tokens
AW *PS Santa’s Good Girl – red
AW *PS Santa’s Good Girl – blue
AW *PS Santa’s Good Girl -black
AW *PS Santa’s Good Girl – lav
AW *PS Santa’s Good Girl -white
AW *PS Santa’s Good Girl -green

4000 Tokens
AW *LuDuDz Hottie[SKIN]* – blue
AW *LuDuDz Hottie[SKIN]* – gold
AW *LuDuDz Hottie[SKIN]* – grey
AW *LuDuDz Hottie[SKIN]* -white
AW *LuDuDz Hottie[SKIN]*-silver
AW *LuDuDz Hottie[SKIN]* – red

2000 Tokens
AW Wrap Yourself – pink
AW Wrap Yourself – red
AW Wrap Yourself – brown
AW Wrap Yourself – cream
AW Wrap Yourself – rose
AW Wrap Yourself – orchid
AW Wrap Yourself – purple
AW Wrap Yourself – mauve
AW Wrap Yourself – gold
AW Wrap Yourself – blue
AW Wrap Yourself – light blue
AW Wrap Yourself – lime
AW Wrap Yourself – green
AW Wrap Yourself – black
AW Wrap Yourself – grey
AW Wrap Yourself – white

4000 Tokens
AW*LuDuDz Risque[SKIN]* -red
AW*LuDuDz Risque[SKIN]* -green
AW*LuDuDz Risque[SKIN]* -white
AW*LuDuDz Risque[SKIN]* -black
AW*LuDuDz Risque[SKIN]* -lime
AW*LuDuDz Risque[SKIN]* -lav

4000 Tokens
AW*LuDuDz Gown[SKIN]*-red
AW*LuDuDz Gown[SKIN]*-white
AW*LuDuDz Gown[SKIN]*-black
AW*LuDuDz Gown[SKIN]*-gold
AW*LuDuDz Gown[SKIN]*-blue
AW*LuDuDz Gown[SKIN]*-purple

VARiATiONS 3 – 105
New Art AW *Lucy’s Cute Shirt

6 Gold
AW *Lucy’s Cute Shirt – autumn
AW *Lucy’s Cute Shirt – brown
AW *Lucy’s Cute Shirt – blue
AW *Lucy’s Cute Shirt – green
AW *Lucy’s Cute Shirt – white

6000 Tokens
AW *Lucy’s Cute Shirt – red
AW *Lucy’s Cute Shirt – black
AW *Lucy’s Cute Shirt – steel
AW *Lucy’s Cute Shirt – pink
AW *Lucy’s Cute Shirt – orchid

5000 Tokens
AW Going In Circles[SKIN]*-grey
AW Going In Circles[SKIN]*-red
AW Going In Circles[SKIN]*-wht
AW Going In Circles[SKIN]*-grn
AW Going In Circles[SKIN]*-blk
AW Going In Circles[SKIN]*-orch

3000 Tokens
AW Woolly Winter Warmer – steel
AW Woolly Winter Warmer – red
AW Woolly Winter Warmer – white
AW Woolly Winter Warmer – gold
AW Woolly Winter Warmer – green
AW Woolly Winter Warmer – pink

3000 Tokens
AW Woolly Winter Topper – steel
AW Woolly Winter Topper – red
AW Woolly Winter Topper – white
AW Woolly Winter Topper – gold
AW Woolly Winter Topper – green
AW Woolly Winter Topper – pink

2000 Tokens
AW Tumbled Stone – dark
AW Tumbled Stone – red
AW Tumbled Stone – blue/white
AW Tumbled Stone – brown
AW Tumbled Stone – white
AW Tumbled Stone – blue
AW Tumbled Stone – red/black
AW Tumbled Stone – black/gold
AW Tumbled Stone – black/green

2000 Tokens
AW Lydia Designer Earrings-wht
AW Lydia Designer Earrings-blue
AW Lydia Designer Earrings-fros
AW Lydia Designer Earrings-blk
AW Lydia Designer Earrings-red
AW Lydia Designer Earrings-brn

2000 Tokens
AW Lydia Designer Necklace-brn
AW Lydia Designer Necklace-wht
AW Lydia Designer Necklace-blue
AW Lydia Designer Necklace-fros
AW Lydia Designer Necklace-red
AW Lydia Designer Necklace-blk

5000 Tokens
AW *Festivus Gown – black
AW *Festivus Gown – red/black
AW *Festivus Gown – white
AW *Festivus Gown – brown
AW *Festivus Gown – green
AW *Festivus Gown – light blue
AW *Festivus Gown – blue
AW *Festivus Gown – red/white
AW *Festivus Gown – gold/black

1000 Tokens
AW Fur Trimmed Headband-dark
AW Fur Trimmed Headband-red/bk
AW Fur Trimmed Headband-white
AW Fur Trimmed Headband-brown
AW Fur Trimmed Headband-green
AW Fur Trimmed Headband-frost
AW Fur Trimmed Headband-blue
AW Fur Trimmed Headband-red/wh
AW Fur Trimmed Headband-gold

VARiATiONS 3 – 106
New art AW *Lucy’s Pants

6 Gold
AW *Lucy’s Pants – red
AW *Lucy’s Pants – black
AW *Lucy’s Pants – steel
AW *Lucy’s Pants – pink
AW *Lucy’s Pants – orchid

6000 Tokens
AW *Lucy’s Pants – autumn
AW *Lucy’s Pants – brown
AW *Lucy’s Pants – blue
AW *Lucy’s Pants – green
AW *Lucy’s Pants – white

4000 Tokens
AW *Christmas Dress – gold
AW *Christmas Dress – white
AW *Christmas Dress – black
AW *Christmas Dress – red
AW *Christmas Dress – green

4000 Tokens
AW Christmas Flare Dress – wht
AW Christmas Flare Dress – gold
AW Christmas Flare Dress – red
AW Christmas Flare Dress – blk
AW Christmas Flare Dress – pur

4000 Tokens
AW *Leather Holiday Vest – red
AW *Leather Holiday Vest – wht
AW *Leather Holiday Vest – gold
AW *Leather Holiday Vest – blk

5000 Tokens
AW *Breezy Tafetta Skirt-blk/gr
AW *Breezy Tafetta Skirt-rd/grn
AW *Breezy Tafetta Skirt-rd/wht
AW *Breezy Tafetta Skirt-wht/gd
AW *Breezy Tafetta Skirt-grn/wh

2000 Tokens
AW *Tiny Christmas Vest – black
AW *Tiny Christmas Vest – white
AW *Tiny Christmas Vest – gold
AW *Tiny Christmas Vest – green
AW *Tiny Christmas Vest – pink
AW *Tiny Christmas Vest – blue

4000 Tokens
AW Elf Hat [SKIN]* – green/wht
AW Elf Hat [SKIN]* – blue/gold
AW Elf Hat [SKIN]* – black/pur
AW Elf Hat [SKIN]* – white/red
AW Elf Hat [SKIN]* – red/green
AW Elf Hat [SKIN]* – gold/sil

4000 Tokens
AW *Bound by Love Corset-black
AW *Bound by Love Corset-grn/rd
AW *Bound by Love Corset-red
AW *Bound by Love Corset-white
AW *Bound by Love Corset-gr/wh

80 Tokens
Cute Elf Purse – gold
Cute Elf Purse – red
Cute Elf Purse – black
Cute Elf Purse – purple
Cute Elf Purse – white

VARiATiONS 3 – 107
New art AW *Shorts Set

6 Gold
AW *Shorts Set – red/pink
AW *Shorts Set – mauve
AW *Shorts Set – denim
AW *Shorts Set – black/autumn
AW *Shorts Set – olive

6000 Tokens
AW *Shorts Set – black/gold
AW *Shorts Set – red/black
AW *Shorts Set – orchid
AW *Shorts Set – blue
AW *Shorts Set – black/grey

5000 Tokens
AW *LuDuDzDamsel-red[SKIN]*
AW *LuDuDzDamsel-white[SKIN]*
AW *LuDuDzDamsel-mauve[SKIN]*
AW *LuDuDzDamsel-black[SKIN]*
AW *LuDuDzDamsel-cream[SKIN]*

350 Tokens
Hat of Adornment – wht/red
Hat of Adornment – wht/grn
Hat of Adornment – grn/red
Hat of Adornment – blk/grn
Hat of Adornment – blue/wht

450 Tokens
*Dress of Affection – wht/red
*Dress of Affection – wht/grn
*Dress of Affection – grn/red
*Dress of Affection – blk/grn
*Dress of Affection – blue/wht

2000 Tokens
AW Ladies Handbag – red
AW Ladies Handbag – white
AW Ladies Handbag – mauve
AW Ladies Handbag – black
AW Ladies Handbag – cream

4000 Tokens
*LuDuDz Belted Top-gold[SKIN]*
*LuDuDz Belted Top-pur[SKIN]*
*LuDuDz Belted Top-white[SKIN]*
*LuDuDz Belted Top-aqua[SKIN]*
*LuDuDz Belted Top-green[SKIN]*

350 Tokens
*Anime Christmas Vest – black
*Anime Christmas Vest – red
*Anime Christmas Vest – blue
*Anime Christmas Vest – mauve
*Anime Christmas Vest – aqua

450 Tokens
Holiday Dolly – green
Holiday Dolly – red
Holiday Dolly – white
Holiday Dolly – black
Holiday Dolly – orchid
Holiday Dolly – mauve

VARiATiONS 3 – 108
New art AW *Gifted

6 Gold
AW *Gifted – purple/orchid
AW *Gifted – black/silver
AW *Gifted – black/autumn
AW *Gifted – red/black
AW *Gifted – cream/mauve

6000 Tokens
AW *Gifted – green/red
AW *Gifted – rose/cream
AW *Gifted – silver/blue
AW *Gifted – white/red
AW *Gifted – black/gold

4000 Tokens
AW Merry Widow Corset-si[SKIN]*
AW Merry Widow Corset-wh[SKIN]*
AW Merry Widow Corset-gr[SKIN]*
AW Merry Widow Corset-go[SKIN]*
AW Merry Widow Corset-gr[SKIN]*

4000 Tokens
AW *Tiny Santa Suit – red
AW *Tiny Santa Suit – black
AW *Tiny Santa Suit – pink
AW *Tiny Santa Suit – gold
AW *Tiny Santa Suit – white

5000 Tokens
AW Adult Tea Dress-gold[SKIN]*
AW Adult Tea Dress-orchi[SKIN]*
AW Adult Tea Dress-pink[SKIN]*
AW Adult Tea Dress-white[SKIN]*
AW Adult Tea Dress-green[SKIN]*

3000 Tokens
AW *Frankie Christmas – black
AW *Frankie Christmas – red
AW *Frankie Christmas – blue
AW *Frankie Christmas – mauve
AW *Frankie Christmas – aqua

2000 Tikens
AW Classy Ribboned Clutch – pnk
AW Classy Ribboned Clutch – pur
AW Classy Ribboned Clutch – red
AW Classy Ribboned Clutch – gol
AW Classy Ribboned Clutch – wht
AW Classy Ribboned Clutch – grn

4000 Tokens
AW DD Dashing Xmas – red
AW DD Dashing Xmas – black
AW DD Dashing Xmas – pink
AW DD Dashing Xmas – gold
AW DD Dashing Xmas – white

5000 Tokens
AW *LuDuDz Gypsy Skirt – blk/gr
AW *LuDuDz Gypsy Skirt – grn/rd
AW *LuDuDz Gypsy Skirt – red/wh
AW *LuDuDz Gypsy Skirt – wht/gd
AW *LuDuDz Gypsy Skirt – grn/wh

VARiATiONS 3 – East Hall 2

75 Tokens
Christmas Headband -red/gold
Christmas Headband – black/pink
Christmas Headband – white/red
Christmas Headband -blue/silver
Christmas Headband – gold/black
Christmas Headband – green/gold
Christmas Headband-purple/sil
Christmas Headband-black/silver
Christmas Headband -brown/cream
Christmas Headband – red/green

75 Tokens
A Gift For You! (Eng)
A Gift For You! (Eng)
A Gift For You! (Eng)
A Gift For You! (Eng)
A Gift For You! (Eng)

VARiATiONS 3 – 203
New art AW *Lucy Christmas Outfit

6 Gold
AW *Lucy Christmas Outfit-wh/bl
AW *Lucy Christmas Outfit-black
AW *Lucy Christmas Outfit-rd/gd
AW *Lucy Christmas Outfit-rd/wh
AW *Lucy Christmas Outfit-pur

6000 Tokens
AW *Lucy Christmas Outfit-wh/rd
AW *Lucy Christmas Outfit-rd/gr
AW *Lucy Christmas Outfit-grn
AW *Lucy Christmas Outfit-gold
AW *Lucy Christmas Outfit-steel

75 Tokens
All Wrapped Up! – light blue
All Wrapped Up! – green
All Wrapped Up! – dark red
All Wrapped Up! – grey
All Wrapped Up! – white
All Wrapped Up! – black
All Wrapped Up! – aqua
All Wrapped Up! – pink
All Wrapped Up! – steel
All Wrapped Up! – gold
All Wrapped Up! – dark blue
All Wrapped Up! – purple

3000 Tokens
AW DD Dashing Purse – bl/sil
AW DD Dashing Purse – blk/wht
AW DD Dashing Purse – grn/red
AW DD Dashing Purse – pink/blk

3000 Tokens
AW DD Dashing Feather – bl/sil
AW DD Dashing Feather – blk/wht
AW DD Dashing Feather – grn/red
AW DD Dashing Feather – pnk/blk

3000 Tokens
AW Fur-Trimmed Hat – bl/sil
AW Fur-Trimmed Hat – blk/wht
AW Fur-Trimmed Hat – grn/red
AW Fur-Trimmed Hat – pink/blk

5000 Tokens
AW DD Starr Ensemble – blk/grey
AW DD Starr Ensemble – mauve/st
AW DD Starr Ensemble – wht/grn
AW DD Starr Ensemble -rose/aqua

4000 Tokens
AW DD Starr Hat – grey
AW DD Starr Hat – steel
AW DD Starr Hat – green
AW DD Starr Hat – aqua

5000 Tokens
AW DD Starr Dress – black/grey
AW DD Starr Dress – mauve/steel
AW DD Starr Dress – white/green
AW DD Starr Dress – rose/aqua

5000 Tokens
AW DD Starr Cape – black/grey
AW DD Starr Cape – mauve/steel
AW DD Starr Cape – white/green
AW DD Starr Cape – rose/aqua

4000 Tokens
AW Ladies Winter Hat – blk/wht
AW Ladies Winter Hat – bl/sil
AW Ladies Winter Hat – grn/red
AW Ladies Winter Hat – pink/blk

5000 Tokens
AW *Fur Trimmed Top – bl/sil
AW *Fur Trimmed Top – blk/wht
AW *Fur Trimmed Top – grn/red
AW *Fur Trimmed Top – pink/blk

5000 Tokens
AW *Men’s Winter Coat – bl/sil
AW *Men’s Winter Coat – blk/wht
AW *Men’s Winter Coat – grn/red
AW *Men’s Winter Coat – pnk/blk

VARiATiONS 3 – 202
new art AW *Daring Temptress

6 Gold
AW *Daring Temptress – blue
AW *Daring Temptress – gold
AW *Daring Temptress – purple
AW *Daring Temptress – blk/wht
AW *Daring Temptress – brown

6000 Tokens
AW *Daring Temptress – blk/pink
AW *Daring Temptress -white/red
AW *Daring Temptress -grn/gold
AW *Daring Temptress – red/grn
AW *Daring Temptress – red/gold

5000 Tokens
AW LuDuDz Wallflower-st[SKIN]*
AW LuDuDz Wallflower-dk[SKIN]*
AW LuDuDz Wallflower-wh[SKIN]*
AW LuDuDz Wallflower-gr[SKIN]*
AW LuDuDz Wallflower-gn[SKIN]*
AW LuDuDz Wallflower-rd[SKIN]*

5000 tokens
AW *Holiday Dress – silver
AW *Holiday Dress – black
AW *Holiday Dress – gold
AW *Holiday Dress – red
AW *Holiday Dress – dark red

3000 Tokens
AW Animated Tinsel Halo -purple
AW Animated Tinsel Halo – gold
AW Animated Tinsel Halo – red
AW Animated Tinsel Halo – green
AW Animated Tinsel Halo – blue
AW Animated Tinsel Halo – white
AW Animated Tinsel Halo – steel
AW Animated Tinsel Halo – pink
AW Animated Tinsel Halo -dreamy

4000 Tokens
AW Beanie – steel
AW Beanie – dark red
AW Beanie – white
AW Beanie – grey
AW Beanie – green
AW Beanie – red
AW Beanie – black

250 Tokens
Wooly Pigtails (short) – purple
Wooly Pigtails (long) – purple
Wooly Pigtails (short) – gold
Wooly Pigtails (long) – gold
Wooly Pigtails (short) – pink
Wooly Pigtails (long) – pink
Wooly Pigtails (short) – white
Wooly Pigtails (long) – white
Wooly Pigtails (short) – black
Wooly Pigtails (long) – black
Wooly Pigtails (short) – blue
Wooly Pigtails (long) – blue

3000 Tokens
AW TinyEveningGown-blue[SKIN]*
AW TinyEveningGown-grey[SKIN]*
AW TinyEveningGown-dkred[SKIN]*
AW TinyEveningGown-green[SKIN]*
AW TinyEveningGown-black[SKIN]*
AW TinyEveningGown-white[SKIN]*

VARiATiONS 3 – 201
New art AW *Male Christmas Shirt

6 Gold
AW *Male Christmas Shirt -black
AW *Male Christmas Shirt -white
AW *Male Christmas Shirt – gold
AW *Male Christmas Shirt – blue
AW *Male Christmas Shirt-purple

6000 Tokenss
AW *Male Christmas Shirt -green
AW *Male Christmas Shirt -steel
AW *Male Christmas Shirt -olive
AW *Male Christmas Shirt – red
AW *Male Christmas Shirt – aqua

5000 Tokens
AW *LuDuDz Debutante-dr[SKIN]*
AW *LuDuDz Debutante-bl[SKIN]*
AW *LuDuDz Debutante-gr[SKIN]*
AW *LuDuDz Debutante-gre[SKIN]*
AW *LuDuDz Debutante-blk[SKIN]*
AW *LuDuDz Debutante-red[SKIN]*

3000 Tokens
AW Flower Snowsuit – pink
AW Flower Snowsuit – purple
AW Flower Snowsuit – black
AW Flower Snowsuit – red
AW Flower Snowsuit – white
AW Flower Snowsuit – green

125 Tokens
*Knitted Sweater – white
*Knitted Sweater – red
*Knitted Sweater – green
*Knitted Sweater – black
*Knitted Sweater – gold
*Knitted Sweater – purple

2000 Tokens
AW Ribbon Tote – dark red
AW Ribbon Tote – blue
AW Ribbon Tote – green
AW Ribbon Tote – grey
AW Ribbon Tote – black
AW Ribbon Tote – red

125 Tokens
*Christmas Sweater – white
*Christmas Sweater – red
*Christmas Sweater – green
*Christmas Sweater – black
*Christmas Sweater – gold
*Christmas Sweater – purple

300 Tokens
Wool Hat – purple/black
Wool Hat – white/red
Wool Hat – blue/black
Wool Hat – black/grey
Wool Hat – green/red
Wool Hat – gold/black

VARiATiONS 3 – West Hall 2

3000 Tokens
AW Snowy Friend – purple/blue
AW Snowy Friend – red/pink
AW Snowy Friend – black/aqua
AW Snowy Friend – grey/silver
AW Snowy Friend – gold/black
AW Snowy Friend – mauve/cream
AW Snowy Friend – blue/lt blue
AW Snowy Friend – green/red

Happy Shopping

New In VARiATiONS – December 17, 2021

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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