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New in VARiATiONS – December 7, 2020

VARiATiONS 2 – Something Shiny is this week’s addition. The Elf Hats are new art and in addition to being adorable they have paintable ears.

3 Gold
AW Exotic Feather Hat – red
AW Exotic Feather Hat – white
AW Exotic Feather Hat – green
AW Exotic Feather Hat – blue
AW Exotic Feather Hat – pink

3000 Tokens
AW Exotic Feather Hat – black
AW Exotic Feather Hat – purple
AW Exotic Feather Hat – silver
AW Exotic Feather Hat – olive
AW Exotic Feather Hat – gold

5000 Tokens
AW Polka Dot Flirt[SKIN]* – gld
AW Polka Dot Flirt[SKIN]* – oli
AW Polka Dot Flirt[SKIN]* – lav
AW Polka Dot Flirt[SKIN]* – red

5 Gold
AW Polka Dot Flirt[SKIN]* – sil
AW Polka Dot Flirt[SKIN]* – blk
AW Polka Dot Flirt[SKIN]* – blu
AW Polka Dot Flirt[SKIN]* – grn

4 Gold
AW*LuDuDz Risque[SKIN]* – blk
AW*LuDuDz Risque[SKIN]* – oli
AW*LuDuDz Risque[SKIN]*- pur
AW*LuDuDz Risque[SKIN]* – gld
AW*LuDuDz Risque[SKIN]* – sil

4000 Tokens
AW*LuDuDz Risque[SKIN]* – red
AW*LuDuDz Risque[SKIN]* – blu
AW*LuDuDz Risque[SKIN]* – wht
AW*LuDuDz Risque[SKIN]* – pnk
AW*LuDuDz Risque[SKIN]* – grn

5 Gold
AW Futotteiru Panda
AW Shinchu Saru
AW Gingami Neko

5 Gold
AW Elf Hat [SKIN]* – olive
AW Elf Hat [SKIN]* – blk/gld
AW Elf Hat [SKIN]* – red/gold
AW Elf Hat [SKIN]* – blue
AW Elf Hat [SKIN]* – purple

5000 Tokens
AW Elf Hat [SKIN]* – autumn
AW Elf Hat [SKIN]* – fuschia
AW Elf Hat [SKIN]* – red
AW Elf Hat [SKIN]* – grn/red
AW Elf Hat [SKIN]* – black

750 Tokens
*Dojo Dude – white belt
*Dojo Dude – yellow belt
*Dojo Dude – orange belt
*Dojo Dude – green belt
*Dojo Dude – blue belt
*Dojo Dude – purple belt
*Dojo Dude – red belt
*Dojo Dude – brown belt
*Dojo Dude – black belt

Happy Shopping!

New In VARiATiONS – December 7, 2020

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

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