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New in VARiATiONS – February 5, 2022

VARiATiONS 3 – West Hall 3

150 Tokens
Surrounded By Love! – pink
Surrounded By Love! – grey
Surrounded By Love! – lavender
Surrounded By Love! – lime
Surrounded By Love! – blue
Surrounded By Love! – red
Surrounded By Love! – yellow
Surrounded By Love! – black

150 Tokens
With Love On Top! – pink
With Love On Top! – black
With Love On Top! – purple
With Love On Top! – lime
With Love On Top! – blue
With Love On Top! – orange
With Love On Top! – red
With Love On Top! – black/grey

VARiATiONS 3 – 301

The AW *Lucy’s VDay Dresses are new art.

5 Gold
AW *Lucy’s VDay Dress -blk/pk
AW *Lucy’s VDay Dress – spring
AW *Lucy’s VDay Dress – orchid
AW *Lucy’s VDay Dress – blue
AW *Lucy’s VDay Dress – melon

5000 Tokens
AW *Lucy’s VDay Dress – pink
AW *Lucy’s VDay Dress – grey
AW *Lucy’s VDay Dress – red
AW *Lucy’s VDay Dress – black
AW *Lucy’s VDay Dress – gold

2 Gold
AW Bouquet of Roses – blk/lime
AW Bouquet of Roses – autumn/gd
AW Bouquet of Roses – pink/red

2000 Tokens
AW Bouquet of Roses – silver/re
AW Bouquet of Roses – spring
AW Bouquet of Roses – blk/gold

3 Gold
Studded Heart Pocketbook-pu/si
Studded Heart Pocketbook-gr/rd
Studded Heart Pocketbook-st/rd
Studded Heart Pocketbook-bl/yw

3000 Tokens
Studded Heart Pocketbook-li/bl
Studded Heart Pocketbook-rd/wh
Studded Heart Pocketbook-bk/wh
Studded Heart Pocketbook-cr/ma

3 Gold
AW *PS Hoody – blk/lime
AW *PS Hoody – white/red
AW *PS Hoody – red/gold

3000 Tokens
AW *PS Hoody – fuchsia/blk
AW *PS Hoody – pur/wht
AW *PS Hoody – grey/blk

5 Gold
AW Casual Hat – mauve/cream
AW Casual Hat – black/lime
AW Casual Hat – white/black

5000 Tokens
AW Casual Hat – white/gold
AW Casual Hat – autumn/gold
AW Casual Hat – red/white

5 Gold
AW My Beating Heart-g/b[SKIN]*
AW My Beating Heart-s/r[SKIN]*
AW My Beating Heart-a/g[SKIN]*

5000 Tokens
AW My Beating Heart-b/l[SKIN]*
AW My Beating Heart-m/c[SKIN]*
AW My Beating Heart-r/s[SKIN]*

5 Gold
AW Valentine Romance Dress-b/g
AW Valentine Romance Dress-spr
AW Valentine Romance Dress-s/r

5000 Tokens
AW Valentine Romance Dress-p/r
AW Valentine Romance Dress-a/g
AW Valentine Romance Dress-b/l

5 Gold
AW LuDuDz Heart Skirt -blk/lime
AW LuDuDz Heart Skirt – sil/blk
AW LuDuDz Heart Skirt -red/pink

5000 Tokens
AW LuDuDz Heart Skirt – blue
AW LuDuDz Heart Skirt – pur/sil
AW LuDuDz Heart Skirt – wht/red

VARiATiONS 3 – East Hall 3

The VDay Headbands are new art.

75 Tokens
A Gift For You! (ENG)
A Gift For You! (ENG)
A Gift For You! (ENG)
A Gift For You! (ENG)

125 Tokens
Valentine HeadScarf – black
Valentine HeadScarf – gold
Valentine HeadScarf – fuchsia
Valentine HeadScarf – mauve
Valentine HeadScarf – olive
Valentine HeadScarf – red
Valentine HeadScarf – dark red
Valentine HeadScarf – orchid
Valentine HeadScarf – white
Valentine HeadScarf – grey

125 Tokens
VDay Headband – blk/pk
VDay Headband – spring
VDay Headband – orchid
VDay Headband – blue
VDay Headband – melon
VDay Headband – pink
VDay Headband – grey
VDay Headband – red
VDay Headband – black
VDay Headband – gold

Happy Shopping

New In VARiATiONS – February 5, 2022

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

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