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New in VARiATiONS – June 2022

The rest of June’s Variations additions have arrived.

VARiATiONS 3 – West Hall 5

350 Tokens
Hat of Adornment – olive
Hat of Adornment – blk/gold
Hat of Adornment – green/brn
Hat of Adornment – fuch/lav
Hat of Adornment – org/grey
Hat of Adornment – blk/crm

450 Tokens
*Dress of Affection – olive
*Dress of Affection – blk/gold
*Dress of Affection – green/brn
*Dress of Affection – fuch/lav
*Dress of Affection – org/grey
*Dress of Affection – blk/crm

VARiATiONS 3 – 501

AW *Lucy Sweater and Skirt is new art.

6 Gold
AW *Lucy Sweater and Skirt-b/c
AW *Lucy Sweater and Skirt-red
AW *Lucy Sweater and Skirt-s/p
AW *Lucy Sweater and Skirt-crea
AW *Lucy Sweater and Skirt-b/pu

6000 Tokens
AW *Lucy Sweater and Skirt-grn
AW *Lucy Sweater and Skirt-wht
AW *Lucy Sweater and Skirt-den
AW *Lucy Sweater and Skirt-aqua
AW *Lucy Sweater and Skirt-w/p

500 Tokens
Mini Skirt – black/gold
Mini Skirt – blue
Mini Skirt – red
Mini Skirt – white
Mini Skirt – cream
Mini Skirt – black/cream

5 Gold
AW *DD Diva LTop – gold
AW *DD Diva LTop – black
AW *DD Diva LTop – white

5000 Tokens
AW *DD Diva LTop – red
AW *DD Diva LTop – purple
AW *DD Diva LTop – blue

5 Gold
AW Polka Dot Shades – lavender
AW Polka Dot Shades – black/red
AW Polka Dot Shades – blk/gold

5000 Tokens
AW Polka Dot Shades – brown
AW Polka Dot Shades – olive
AW Polka Dot Shades – blue

5 Gold
AW *Sweetheart Dress-b/c[SKIN]*
AW *Sweetheart Dress-r/b[SKIN]*
AW *Sweetheart Dress-s/r[SKIN]*
AW *Sweetheart Dress-w/g[SKIN]*

5000 Tokens
AW *Sweetheart Dress-o/c[SKIN]*
AW *Sweetheart Dress-l/w[SKIN]*
AW *Sweetheart Dress-a/y[SKIN]*
AW *Sweetheart Dress-s/l[SKIN]*

5 Gold
AW LuDuDz Juliette-red[SKIN]*
AW LuDuDz Juliette-brown[SKIN]*
AW LuDuDz Juliette-aqua[SKIN]*

5000 Tokens
AW LuDuDz Juliette-black[SKIN]*
AW LuDuDz Juliette-rose[SKIN]*
AW LuDuDz Juliette-blue[SKIN]*

VARiATiONS 3 – 502

The AW *X’s & O’s Shirt is new art.

6 Gold
AW *X’s & O’s Shirt – blk/grey
AW *X’s & O’s Shirt – autumn
AW *X’s & O’s Shirt – pur/grey
AW *X’s & O’s Shirt – red/pink
AW *X’s & O’s Shirt – olive

6000 Tokens
AW *X’s & O’s Shirt – purple/bl
AW *X’s & O’s Shirt – blk/gold
AW *X’s & O’s Shirt – bright
AW *X’s & O’s Shirt – multi
AW *X’s & O’s Shirt – blk/cream

5 Gold
AW *Summer Shorts Set-blk/crm
AW *Summer Shorts Set-purple
AW *Summer Shorts Set-blue

5000 Tokens
AW *Summer Shorts Set-red
AW *Summer Shorts Set-black
AW *Summer Shorts Set-aqua

5 Gold
*LuDuDz Goth Top – black[SKIN]*
*LuDuDz Goth Top – red[SKIN]*
*LuDuDz Goth Top – white[SKIN]*

5000 Tokens
*LuDuDz Goth Top – pink[SKIN]*
*LuDuDz Goth Top – blue[SKIN]*
*LuDuDz Goth Top -autumn[SKIN]*

5 Gold
AW Butterfly Top-blk/red[SKIN]*
AW Butterfly Top-lime/wh[SKIN]*
AW Butterfly Top-aut/ste[SKIN]*

5000 Tokens
AW Butterfly Top-gld/blk[SKIN]*
AW Butterfly Top-blue[SKIN]*
AW Butterfly Top-oli/ylw[SKIN]*

5 Gold
AW Halter With A Twist-b[SKIN]*
AW Halter With A Twist-l[SKIN]*
AW Halter With A Twist-g[SKIN]*

5000 Tokens
AW Halter With A Twist-p[SKIN]*
AW Halter With A Twist-p[SKIN]*
AW Halter With A Twist-w[SKIN]*

VARiATiONS 3 – 503

The AW CM’s Summer Hat is new art.

6 Gold
AW CM’s Summer Hat – denim
AW CM’s Summer Hat – orc/grey
AW CM’s Summer Hat – blk/pur
AW CM’s Summer Hat – rose
AW CM’s Summer Hat – gold

6000 Tokens
AW CM’s Summer Hat – purple
AW CM’s Summer Hat – blk/crm
AW CM’s Summer Hat – green
AW CM’s Summer Hat – orc/ylw
AW CM’s Summer Hat – red

5 Gold
AW *Estrella Filigree-red
AW *Estrella Filigree-brown
AW *Estrella Filigree-blue

5000 Tokens
AW *Estrella Filigree-gold
AW *Estrella Filigree-purple
AW *Estrella Filigree-grey

5 Gold
AW *LuDuDz Nymph-cream[SKIN]*
AW *LuDuDz Nymph-yellow[SKIN]*
AW *LuDuDz Nymph-blk/red[SKIN]*

5000 Tokens
AW *LuDuDz Nymph-white[SKIN]*
AW *LuDuDz Nymph-gold[SKIN]*
AW *LuDuDz Nymph-blk/gld[SKIN]*

5 Gold
AW Bridesmaid – black/gold
AW Bridesmaid – white/green
AW Bridesmaid – red/silver

5000 Tokens
AW Bridesmaid – blue/white
AW Bridesmaid – aqua/yellow
AW Bridesmaid – orchid/lavender

5 Gold
AW *Lounging Shorts – cream
AW *Lounging Shorts – aqua
AW *Lounging Shorts – gold

5000 Tokens
AW *Lounging Shorts – red
AW *Lounging Shorts – orange
AW *Lounging Shorts – black

VARiATiONS 3 – 504

The AW *Vintage Tea Dress is new art.

6 Gold
AW *Vintage Tea Dress – w/p
AW *Vintage Tea Dress – blk/crm
AW *Vintage Tea Dress – pink
AW *Vintage Tea Dress – white
AW *Vintage Tea Dress – purple

6000 Tokens
AW *Vintage Tea Dress – blk/gld
AW *Vintage Tea Dress – lime
AW *Vintage Tea Dress – mauve
AW *Vintage Tea Dress – orchid
AW *Vintage Tea Dress – den

5 Gold
Star Kini-GothCircus-blk[SKIN]*
Star Kini-GothCircus-mau[SKIN]*
Star Kini-GothCircus-lim[SKIN]*

5000 Tokens
Star Kini-GothCircus-red[SKIN]*
Star Kini-GothCircus-pur[SKIN]*
Star Kini-GothCircus-aqu[SKIN]*

5 Gold
AW *Britney’s Back to School-wh
AW *Britney’s Back to School-li
AW *Britney’s Back to School-rd

5000 Tokens
AW *Britney’s Back to School-cr
AW *Britney’s Back to School-dr
AW *Britney’s Back to School-ye

5 Gold
AW *LuDuDz Flora – cream[SKIN]*
AW *LuDuDz Flora – lime[SKIN]*
AW *LuDuDz Flora – gold[SKIN]*

5000 Tokens
AW *LuDuDz Flora – pink[SKIN]*
AW *LuDuDz Flora – blue[SKIN]*
AW *LuDuDz Flora – aut[SKIN]*

VARiATiONS 3 – East Hall 5

5 Gold
AW Springtide Plumage – blue
AW Springtide Plumage – red
AW Springtide Plumage – olive

5000 Tokens
AW Springtide Plumage – black
AW Springtide Plumage – steel
AW Springtide Plumage – salmon

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New In VARiATiONS – June 2022

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