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The Great Blizzard Of 2018

We had quite an exciting weekend here in WA. A huge storm threatened our home and we actually had to evacuate the island to ensure everyone’s safety. Brother Echo met with us a few days before the storm to inform us and let us know about the evacuation,

When we evacuated the island we took a trip on the Argo to Summerland. How fortunate for us that we discovered it earlier this year so we could use it as a safe haven. Once on the Argo First Officer Timaeus let us know there were stormy seas, so we should take seats for the journey to stay safe. 

At the end of the journey, Hermes the parrot assured us that the Oracles would be monitoring the situation at home. Once the storm passed, they would assess the damages and let us know when it was safe to return.

Once we arrived in Summerland, one would never know there was a storm. As usual it was sunny and warm there so we could relax. Avatars gathered together to chat about what was happening and to speculate on what we would come home to. Some of our hosts held their games there as well so we could take our minds off the storm raging at home. 

Since weather is not an exact science, even with new technology, the predictions on when it would move out were not 100% accurate. It stalled over the island, so we could not return as soon as we thought. 

We finally got the all clear and could return home. When leaving the Argo we found a vendo with storm clean up supplies. After making our purchases and heading inworld, this is what we found.

A complete and total Whiteout! 

Some reindeer wandered down from the back country, in search of food no doubt, and even though they could navigate through the snow fairly well, it was impossible to see anything.

Once the clean up began, it got easier to move around and see what was around us. Residents pitched in and quickly cleaned up much of the snow, but noticed that things were not quite as they were when we left. We give our heartfelt thanks to all the avatars who pitched in to clear our streets. 

Thankfully there was very little storm damage aside from some trees that were displaced.

What we did find once the snow was all cleaned up was truly magical. Our entire world had been transformed into a Winter/Christmas Wonderland. 

Be sure to take a walk around and see all holiday decorations both inside and out. And we are told more will be coming this week.

The Great Blizzard Of 2018

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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