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Town Meeting April 9, 2020

Cosmic Andy: Please can everyone ghost and i’ll start the meeting
Cosmic Andy: Thanks everyone!
Cosmic Andy: 9 topics to go over. I’ll try and keep it quick.
Cosmic Andy: Please wait until all 9 topics are over and then you can come down max 20 can get down to ask questions and i will answer them quickly.
Cosmic Andy: Will try to finish by 4:30 including questions but i will be around after that for more questions.

Cosmic Andy: 1) Old Body Tickets
Cosmic Andy: We will be restoring the body changes so members can do it without the need of staff.
Cosmic Andy: After this month the tickets can’t be sold to another avatar (staff can’t do name changes).
Cosmic Andy: We have new bodies in the pipeline and I will work with artists to get more in the future.

Cosmic Andy: 2) CC Token Shop
Cosmic Andy: This will extend this month and next month allowing members to use them.

Cosmic Andy: 3) Turfs
Cosmic Andy: We still have just over 4000 turfs behind on the rent from 2018 and not been logged into.
Cosmic Andy: To help improve the database (speed of the world and stability) we need to clear as many turfs as possible that are no longer wanted. We have already removed 6000+ which has seen the restart time from by 3 minutes.
Cosmic Andy: If you need a turf list please contact us via a ticket. If you have turfs you don’t want please break the lease.
Cosmic Andy: On the VZones website you’ll see a work in progress list of turfs we offer at the correct location and price.
Cosmic Andy: Once we have all turfs upto date, rents paid and any unwanted turfs removed we will then change the rent period back so you can rent for longer and we will release new turfs so the managers have 7 on each.
Cosmic Andy: Again very important if you have a turf you don’t want please break the lease. It makes a huge difference. If you need help with turfs/rents please make a ticket.

Cosmic Andy: 4) VIP Shop Items
Cosmic Andy: To confirm that all past months items are now available and will stay available. In the coming months this shop will also see a lot more items in bulk rather than a scheduled amount each month.

Cosmic Andy: 5) Pet Store
Cosmic Andy: Pets are still in progress and looking like another 2+ months.
Cosmic Andy: VIP accounts will get a free pet alt
Cosmic Andy: standard accounts can purchase a pet alt on a monthly basis.

Cosmic Andy: 6) AW Public Homes
Cosmic Andy: Change on this that custom work can only be done on the outside of the house and requested via a form on the vzones website.
Cosmic Andy: If you need any critical inside changes/work doing please contact us this week to discuss it.

Cosmic Andy: 7) CUST Items
Cosmic Andy: These are no longer being offered. If you have a CUST item you would like changed please request it within the next 7 days.

Cosmic Andy: 8) Staff Contact / Job Roles
Cosmic Andy: This is the last topic and the most complex/exciting.
Cosmic Andy: We need to streamline the member contact service so you know exactly how to contact us and get what you need and new players (which we will see when advertising starts) know the process and find it easy without past knowledge.
Cosmic Andy: So we will be doing this in a number of ways.
Cosmic Andy: In the coming months we will offer some roles/jobs which members can apply for.
Cosmic Andy: This would be an example……..
Cosmic Andy: Slot changes….
Cosmic Andy: Rather than contacting a staff member via ESP, Social Media etc you would contact an avatar who does all slot changes. Selected members would share the account and work on schedule to do it.
Cosmic Andy: This avatar would be the only person allowed to do it and it would be clear from a schedule when the avatar was available to do that job.
Cosmic Andy: Another example…..
Cosmic Andy: Handy Man
Cosmic Andy: The Handy Man would be the person you contact if you needed some work doing to the front of your public home.
Cosmic Andy: It will be clear via the website what the handy man can and can’t do and when he is available in world on duty/schedule to do work for you.
Cosmic Andy: We would create more roles/jobs as the months go on and as make it a fun thing for members to help out.

Cosmic Andy: and now the last point regarding getting help you need…..
Cosmic Andy: Acolytes will return and will be approved helpers such as Coal who will be available on schedule via page method to help with anything that can’t be done via roleplayer/job avatar.
Cosmic Andy: Oracles will be my office based staff only. They will help with complex IW issues.
Cosmic Andy: Direct support to a staff member who will stop so you won’t be able to or need to message a single person directly via ESP, chat, social media or in the post. You’ll either go to a roleplayer/job avatar or you’ll page an aco.
Cosmic Andy: If it’s not IW issue then you can continue to submit a ticket as normal.
Cosmic Andy: This covers it all now so feel free to come down, ask a question and then ghost. Comments & ideas you can also come down and say but please ghost after to allow me to answer. If you have multiple questions please post one, then ghost and wait.

Below is the Q&A session

shanny: change ya colors
shanny: plz
shanny: green is icky
The Incredible Cpt.Dialtone: green is awesome
Catolyte M. Melinda: how about an inscentive to get rid of turfs rather than ‘punishing’ by limiting rent?
L’AD: will there be a list of helpers somewhere??
Spookie: what happened to topic 9?
Laesea: i have a question regarding body tickets. I have a green one a.fairy.warrior.img and was told maye issues with it could you please let me know if there will be or not
Tigress: 1 can you post who is staff and are you selling vzones??/
Cosmic Andy: It’s not punishing anyone. It’s getting all turfs into order. We have turfs going back to 2014 not paid for. It will change back once we have everything upto date.
Celeste: oops
Celeste: What about turfs that are still missing?
Jung£edream: Regarding body tickets – will those we have now, still continue to be usable, such as Model/Heidi/Bruce etc? ANd if tickets are cleared NOW because we already planned to sell them – can we continue to offer them for sale til they sell? IE the person
Cosmic Andy: I’m not selling VZones no.
Honor: on body changes.. what about the model and josephine bodies?
Madame Titzenass: can we have an election for acos make em work to get into office
Cosmic Andy: Cleared tickets can be sold yes.
Jung£edream: who purchases the already-cleared ticket on May 1 can still use it?
Petallypoo: where would my alt go to change her body with a tix?
Cosmic Andy: The avatar who owns it can change as many times as needed via the machines which will open.
CrystallBall: will we be able to use tickets for bodies that arent currently in the body changers?
Jung£edream: ok ty
Honor: those bodies I mentioned not available in vip
Petallypoo: thats not in machine
Cosmic Andy: You’ll have a new area to do the body changes yes.
Floaty McFloatface: Thanks for doing this, Andy.
Petallypoo: ok
Floaty McFloatface: I actually have a number of CUST items – 7 days is not really a lot of time to dig them all out but, more importantly, won’t this be a bit overwhelming for staff to do in just 7 days?
Honor: does that mean anyone can have them would machine know who has them?
CrystallBall: will we still be able to change into bodies we have tickets for that arent in the body changers now?
Betamax: What is a CUST item?
Cosmic Andy: The ticket will be linked to the owner so once the final changes/sold tickets are done only that avatar will have access to change the body.
Honor: not a lot of those bodies inworld since artists didn’t give ok on them for new ones
Petallypoo: As I mentioned before.. VIP members pay a lil more than twice a Reg, Acct.. Why cant 2 avvies earn Tokens? Its also an incentive for ppl
Cosmic Andy: If more time is needed on custom items we can review in a week.
Jung£edream: One last question – I would love to go VIP but cannot afford amonthly fee. However I can afford to spend my income tax on a yearly account. I have been told this is/is not available. What’s the status on yearly VIP?
Honor: ok gotcha
Spookie: how do we get out of Phoenix?
Honor: how do you choose acolytes or will that be a form too?
Cosmic Andy: ALTs won’t be able to earn tokens. Sorry.
Catolyte M. Melinda: why not? lol
Pammie Sue: can you give me a example of custom items, does include changing the names of items ?
Catolyte M. Melinda: worked for 20 years
Dia: Does No CUST mean that there will not be any more new ones (Like the Marvin this past month) moving forward?
Cosmic Andy: Yearly VIP is still available on the site. If you have an issue with it please make a ticket.
Dia: ty
CrystallBall: will we still be able to use body tickets for bodies that arent currently in the body changers? like Jo and Heidi old SK bodies etc?
Petallypoo: but those of us who started from the beginning still get the 2 free months Correct?
Honor: How will you choose acolytes?
Jung£edream: TY Andy – I’ll be going VIP soon
Cosmic Andy: Aco applications will be a good long time off. First we will sort it with our current staff then release the job roles that people can apply for.
Honor: ok ty
Madame Titzenass: let us vote
Floaty McFloatface: You had mentioned on the forums back in late January some new features were being worked on for shop owners – any updates on this? I also understand that shop turf rent will no longer be paid for by staff, like it was a while back – will t
Cosmic Andy: You will be able to apply for a job role via the site when they are ready.
CrystallBall: will we still be able to use body tickets for bodies that arent currently in the body changers? like Jo and Heidi old SK bodies etc?
Carly: I still have like 3 SK Mushroom turfs when will they get back?
Petallypoo: the 2 free months question?
Floaty McFloatface: will this return? (end of my last question)
Rabbit: There is no link out of Phoenix
crazy~lil~noodle: I have body tickets from an old not existing avatar, can it be cleared?
Cosmic Andy: Shop Owner benefits is being worked on and rents will be paid for shops who are registered with us and part of the shop program coming soon.
Spookie: yea I wish to leave
Floaty McFloatface: Will body tickets be usable by all alts of the account holder or just one specific avatar?
Cosmic Andy: Yes tickets can be cleared and re sold in the short term
Pammie Sue: can you give me a example of custom items, does include changing the names of items ?
CrystallBall: will we still be able to use body tickets for bodies that arent currently in the body changers? like Jo and Heidi old SK bodies etc?
Celeste: I have a custom item in my pocket.
Tuli: any chance of SeduCity items being returned to us?
Cosmic Andy: It’s only available on the body tickets originally purchased we don’t own.
Cosmic Andy: Seducity no plans yet sorry.
Catolyte M. Melinda: yeeaahh adam and eve bodies
CrystallBall: so we can still use old body tickets you dont own rights to?
Betamax: Could you define a ‘CUST’ item?
CandyCane: Regarding the AW public home customization. I have been waiting to have some work done inside mine. So i’ll need to submit a ticket this week?
Cosmic Andy: Yes you’ll be able to change them via vendo rather than waiting for staff.
Coal: CUST items were like the Marvin that was in the Prize Market last month (but it is now removed) – it meant you could pick your own paint for that item
CrystallBall: Lottery question…he got 2K of my money and never had a lottery draw..ive left several esps and told i would be gotten in ouch with
CrystallBall: thats blows..whats wrong with custom items
Carly: We need to know when you will open Finders Keepers Shop Andy? its been closed
Catolyte M. Melinda: i can give you 2k if you need
Havana: I have lottery money too I need back
Cosmic Andy: Lottery issue please raise a support ticket and we will look into it/answer for you.
L’AD: how do we leave pheonix pls
Cosmic Andy: Finders Keepers extended this month and next. When it’s open I’ll post everywhere so you know.
CrystallBall: can we have a reason no more custom items …since there was custom items in prize market
BlueLightning: hugs follow
CrystallBall: i bought like 320 of them
CrystallBall: 20*
Cosmic Andy: To leave you can exit via the porter. Go left at the front locales.
Jung£edream: ALso regarding AW homes – I inherited one. I don’t want a kitchen or bathroom. Can I have them taken out this week, anddo I need to submit a ticket
Cosmic Andy: Custom items basically require staff work which can’t be streamlined. You may see this come back where we have a job opening to manage custom items.
Cosmic Andy: Please submit a ticket and we will do that change for you this week yep.
Jung£edream: Ok ty
CrystallBall: what about skin on AW items?
CrystallBall: same thing
CrystallBall: thats paint by a staff
Dia: right, it’s really no different than that
Dia: get your code, send to staff…viola shiny custom item
Carly: When do we get the old SK Mushroom turfs back please? I love them
L’AD: how do we get outta this place????
Cosmic Andy: If something needs to be “fixed” staff will be able to help with this or a role player. More details on how/where will follow in coming weeks.
CrystallBall: not painted
Dia: we are stuck forever
L’AD: gah
Dia: summer is gonna be a killer
Catolyte M. Melinda: oh yeah
Catolyte M. Melinda: is there a teleport out? LOL
L’AD: no
Jung£edream: Andy said : To leave you can exit via the porter. Go left at the front locales.
Cosmic Andy: We will put out details on custom painting in the coming weeks.
LowRider: crazy
Peach Toadstool: hi and long, long time no see… will meetings be held more frequently? this is the first in a long time
Jippo: about those mushrooms turf? will we get them back
Floaty McFloatface: Custom painting in the coming weeks, but didn’t you say we just have 7 days to get these CUST items done?
Cosmic Andy: Mushroom turfs won’t come back but lot’s of members still have them so you may be able to trade.
Jippo: trade for what?
Cosmic Andy: 7 days for CUST items. If it becomes and issue i’ll post in the forums and extend to month end.
Floaty McFloatface: ok thanks for the clarification
Cosmic Andy: If you want a turf which is no longer available I would suggest asking other members if they have one to sell/rent to you.
Celeste: What about turfs that we had that were not given back to us?
Cosmic Andy: From where?
Celeste: I had an AW Appreciation turf.
Celeste: Kymer
Cosmic Andy: They were all restored.
Pammie Sue: What are the new body names in vip?
Celeste: So, where did they move it?
Cosmic Andy: If you are missing please submit a ticket and we will restore it.
Betamax: What about items from pre-2014 turfs that were not restored….I still can’t find certain things
Celeste: Yeah, that’s never worked for me yet
Celeste: Thanks anyway
Cosmic Andy: New bodies not yet released. They will be in the coming months.
Dia: when will variations get new items?
Carly: Will there be more auctions for CC balances please?
Carly: they were fun
Cosmic Andy: Auctions on CC yes.
Cosmic Andy: Variations no date as of yet. Noted people want it.
Pammie Sue: can we get more cheaper items in variations ? Like under 1 k
Cosmic Andy: Noted on price.
K1TT1: I appreciate all the hard work everyone does but could we possibly get seasonal areas open say 2 weeks before the holiday many of us like to decorate going into the holiday
K1TT1: pretty please
Cosmic Andy: Noted. Should be 4 weeks really.
Carly: Still confused on old Mushroom turfs i own, you say they wont be returned and i can trade for them? how is that possible?
K1TT1: well I was trying to be super nice lol
Pammie Sue: do we have turfs here in phoenix, if not will we get them back ?
Ginny: If I want to change this body into another, will I be able to change back to this body? one that you dont own the rights to?
Cosmic Andy: Yes you can change the body unlimited times via the vendo
Ginny: ok thank you
Juliet: On our alts too?
Dia: that is nice, ty also excited for pets
Cosmic Andy: If the avatar owns the ticket they can change unlimited times.
Luna: Variations is a huge thing. This needs to be updated in a more timely manner. How many months has it been? People are sitting on Gold, waiting. Vari is an exciting thing for people, and now its not.
Juliet: ty for answering
Cosmic Andy: Noted on Variations.
Dia: i agree with luna…we also have chips from raffles with expiration dates
Dia: i know…noted
Pammie Sue: can the prices on bodies you pay for be lowered?
Cosmic Andy: Do you mean for standard members?
Pammie Sue: yes
Pammie Sue: the body changers
Cosmic Andy: We can’t sorry. This is due to the huge cost in getting a body into world.
CrystallBall: will the bodies still be available for 5K..or do we have to have a ticket for the body we want to wear?
Cosmic Andy: To confirm on who to contact for what. We will post in the coming weeks clear instructions who to contact and how for what type of requirement.
Pammie Sue: can we earn more tokens for parking, its hard to be in world all the time, ex after maintence kicks us out
Cosmic Andy: The changes to body tickets is related only to bodies we do not own from 2014.
Jippo: is the mushroom turf going to return to us that have them……..if not hao are we goin g to be able to trade them?
Cosmic Andy: Mushroom turfs won’t be coming back but if a member has one to sell you can buy it from them.
Pammie Sue: and we arent here to signback in
Cosmic Andy: We are working on an update to the software which will re log you back in after maint.
Pammie Sue: Can we get changes to vendos around vz, like the duck pobar l
Betamax: On the launcher, can the name list be reordered (i.e. main at top)?
Cosmic Andy: Noted on vendo changes.
Cosmic Andy: Launcher not currently. Noted for the future.
Pammie Sue: can we get shout outs again for stuff iw thats happening
Floaty McFloatface: Thanks for holding this meeting Andy & Staff
Racquel: can we have more building items in vmart like we used to have in the basement or on the top floor? Those of us who like to deco would love some building itmes and for vmart to be updated periodically
Pammie Sue: Ty for all the grat information Andy
Betamax: Is Phoenix only temporary? How about more of old NH?
Cosmic Andy: Deco items in v-mart noted.
Ginny: do you have any cookies?
Cosmic Andy: Phoenix will close today yep.
Cosmic Andy: Cookies no sorry.
Jung£edream: WOT?? We needz COOKIES!
Luna: I know SC items were mentioned, but is there even a possibilty for it? Many of us have thousands of dollars sitting in there.
Juliet: I see earlier you said VIP get one free pet alt, is this an addition to the alts we have now?
CrystallBall: ok..your answer has seemed vague about bodies you dont have rights to
Jung£edream: Ok I’m getting a lot of questions from avis about body tix – Bodies like Heidi, Model, Jo, etc, WILL CONTINUE TO BE AVAILABLE to the avis that have them, right?
Jung£edream: opps sorry CB
CrystallBall: LOL
CrystallBall: they will be able to use via the vendo?
Isabeau: shhh he will take them away from us
Devan: I have a few turfs i had on my free avi from being a welcomer… can we get our turfs back from that account?? i have lots of aw in those turfs
CrystallBall: i mean…i got bodies that were high dollar cause they not in the changer
Cosmic Andy: If you own a ticket to a body we don’t own you can change it unlimited times via a vendo that will be coming.
CrystallBall: ty
Jung£edream: there you go ghosties
Jung£edream: Straight from the horse’s mouth, as the saying goes
Cosmic Andy: It basically saves you having to ask staff.
Jung£edream: ty Andy
Luna: my SC question?
Cosmic Andy: Sure.
Betamax: Any new plans/additions for KYMR radio?
Nicole: Say I have a body ticket with Sly on it..can my ALT nicole change into that body? Or only Sly and if ONLY Sly..can you maybe figure out an idea to let our alts use them
Cosmic Andy: KYMR no changed plans but if you want to do a DJ shift then just contact us.
Luna: ok..your answer has seemed vague about bodies you dont have rights to
Luna: oops
Luna: I know SC items were mentioned, but is there even a possibilty for it? Many of us have thousands of dollars sitting in there.
Pammie Sue: quick shout, esmeralda needs players at gamedome
CandyCane: Is it possible to get the old Museum Vendo back, with items from Old VZ?
Pammie Sue: can you announce that now pls ?
Cosmic Andy: Whatever the rights were on the original ticket they will still be the same now. You just can’t sell it to another member.
Cosmic Andy: SC items I do want to restore to members yes. This will come. I can’t say when as it’s huge amount of human work but it will come.
Cosmic Andy: Noted on old museum. No plans yet.
Jung£edream: hehe that’s clear as mud So the MOdel body that my alt, Yira, is wearing – I can wear also?
Luna: i know its a lot of work, trying to be patient, just want to have hope is all, thank you
Cosmic Andy: Around for another 10 minutes for questions. Anything after that you still need please ESP me.
Jung£edream: yes…we do appreciate you having this meeting for us
Cosmic Andy: If you own rights to the body you can change it unlimited times.
Jung£edream: cool
Jung£edream: but Yes among avis on my account, or No among avis onmy account
shanny: andy sir
CandyCane: If the ticket is linked to one avatarcanit also be used on another?
Cosmic Andy: If the original purchase allowed your alts then you would keep that….to confirm body changes the only differences are….
CandyCane: can it*
Cosmic Andy: 1) You can’t sell a ticket
shanny: we need to talk bout that green u have on
Cosmic Andy: 2) You will change it via vendo rather than waiting on staff.
Cosmic Andy: haha green will change.
Betamax: For St Paddyt’s?
shanny: green is eeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
~VBB~: If we still have the receipts for AW we purchased in the past, can we get those items restored as long as VZ has the rights to the art?
shanny: how i get out of here plz
Nicole: I can take people out
Cosmic Andy: south at the entrance will exit you back to world.
Nicole: follow the nicole train
shanny: ty
shanny: ty andy
CrystallBall: can we rethink the custom item thing…i dont see how that hurts only takes a couple of min to do
Nicole: going down
Cosmic Andy: Custom items not at this time but you may see a role player who can do custom work for you.
Dia: I agree on the customs
Dia: please
Pammie Sue: who are the roll players?
Dia: can you address AW we have reciepts for from the past
Dia: any chance of wgetting these items back someone asked up there ^^
Pammie Sue: will we get the help button working to page stsff
Cosmic Andy: AW items purchased in the past years at this time can’t be restored.
Cosmic Andy: Page staff is coming back yes. T
Pammie Sue: Thank you for all the great info
Suzie: if i have model body on susie i can change into model body on suzie when the bodies go into vendo changer
Suzie: my other alt
Suzie: i am confuse on this
Suzie: ?
Betamax: What about missing items from 2014 turfs?
Cosmic Andy: You can do exactly what you can do now with the ticket. If you own the rights to it you can change it.
Cosmic Andy: Heading out now guys. Stay safe all. Please ESP me or submit a ticket if you have more questions.
Nicole: I can show people how to get out
Nicole: because it is NOT where he says lol
Racquel: can i get on the train too?
Nicole: I will go down
Nicole: Anyone else need out?

Town Meeting April 9, 2020

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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