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Valentine Weekend ’21

Valentine’s Day is Sunday, and we didn’t forget. Along with the Pop-Up Shop, we do have special prizes for you this weekend. There is a slight hitch though, The main prizes have not arrived in WA just yet so hosts will be giving out tickets you can redeem for the actual prizes once they arrive. To redeem the tickets contact Pyewacket or page an Acolyte, but not until we announce that the prizes are inworld.

Main Prizes

Redeem 1st – Valentine Weekend ’21 for
1st – Lounging With My Love ’21
Seats 2
Redeem Redeem 2nd- Valentine Weekend ’21 for
2nd – Hearts on a String ’21(C)
2nd – Lovable Hair Bow ’21
Redeem Redeem 3rd- Valentine Weekend ’21 for
3rd – Hang on Love ’21 (C)
Redeem Redeem 4th- Valentine Weekend ’21 for
4th – Many Moods of Love ’21

Door Prizes

DP – I <3 You ’21
DP – Hiya Love! ’21
DP – Beary Loveable ’21
DP – Love Bug ’21

Valentine Weekend ’21

Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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