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We’ve all been asking for more clothes inworld and here they are. Polly has created a fabulous shop to outfit your avatar. There are sections for Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear, and Kid’s Apparel. Much of the merchandise can be purchased for tokens. Items that are sold for AW Gold have a small gold coin on the rack they are on. Any item with (DEF) in its name can have the skin painted by a staff member.

VARiATiONS is located in the Market Place section of nH. It is three locales to the east of Candy Cravings Sweet Shoppe. From the street you enter the Lobby.

In here you’ll find an assortment of ties, pocket watches and ascots. The ties and pocket watches are 75T and the ascots are 10T. The tokens above the counter are links to the website where you can purchase tokens or AW Gold.

To the right of the Lobby is the women’s clothing area. The first locale is  VARiATiONS – Tops & Skirts.

Everything in VARiATiONS – Tops & Skirts sells for tokens. The tops range from 125 to 150 tokens. The skirts are 150T.

To the right of VARiATiONS – Tops & Skirts is VARiATiONS – Mini Dresses.

All the Mini Dresses sell for 125T.

To the right of VARiATiONS – Mini Dresses is VARiATiONS – Party Dresses.

All of these gorgeous creations are 125T

The final locale in the women’s department is VARiATiONS – Frills & Flair.

You can see the small gold coins on the racks here. That means that these are AW and sell for AW Gold. They cost 10G each. Items that have a * in the name are slot changeable. Contact a staff member inworld if you need to have the slot changed. (Slot changeable means you can have the item set to wear in head, mouth, or neck slots depending on what other types of accessories you plan to wear with it.)

Now on to the Men’s Department. To the left of the Lobby is VARiATiONS – Men’s Shirts & Vests.

In here we have a mix of AW and non AW items. The AW items have the small gold coin on the left of the items on that rack. The AW items are 10G and the non AW items are 125T.

To the left of VARiATiONS – Men’s Shirts & Vests is VARiATiONS – Men’s Jackets.

These are all AW items and cost 10-12G. Items with * in the name are sot changeable, and those with (DEF) in the name are skin paintable. Contact inworld staff to have these customizations done.

The last area is Kid’s Apparel. This area is reached by passing through the red/blue blinking light on the counter next to the Sales Clerk in the Lobby.

The first locale in this area is VARiATiONS – Small Wear 1

Dresses, overalls and raingear are featured in this locale. Everything in here is 125T.

To the right of VARiATiONS – Small Wear 1 is VARiATiONS – Small Wear 2.

In here we have an assortment of outerwear, playclothes and even kilts all priced at 125T.

The last locale (to the left of VARiATiONS – Small Wear 1) is VARiATiONS – Small Accessories

The only AW items in here are the bows which cost 5G. The other items are token based. The bibs are 50T, the Cat Mask, Binky and Cat Ears are 75T, and the Baby Duckie Necklace is 125T.

Polly asked me to thank and acknowledge Chime, Dan and Pyewacket for their assistance in getting VARiATiONS ready for your enjoyment.


Pyewacket/Pye Wabbit

Inworld trouble maker (in one form or another) since 1999

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